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Kwirk is a very early puzzle game for the Game Boy. Kwirk is a sunglasses-wearing tomato whose girlfriend Tammy the Tomato disappears while they are out exploring. He then has to rescue her with the help of his vegetable friends: Curly Carrot, Pete the Pepper, Eddie Eggplant, and Sass the Squash.

Atlus would later adapt the game (in color) for the Nintendo Famicom Disk System and NEC PC Engine. Both of these versions were Japan-exclusive.


Pushing blocks into holes makes paths for Kwirk.

There are three different modes: Heading Up, Going Out, and VS Mode. Heading Up has the player navigating their way through mazes to climb an underground tower. Going Out is a score-attack mode that has the player navigating semi-random levels. The VS Mode requires a Game Boy link cable. All three modes involve the player (as Kwirk) manipulating blocks by pushing against them. There are two different kinds of blocks - rotating ones and ones that can be pushed into holes. Once the block falls into the hole it makes a path that can be crossed. Later levels have both of these blocks and require precision: any mistakes will force the player to restart the level. In levels with Kwirk's friends their help is often necessary for reaching the exit.

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