thelawnwrangler's Amped 3 (Xbox 360) review

A Hilarious Extreme Sports Game!

This game has a hilarious story that will keep you wanting to play (like Ryan says, kinda like Metal Gear). The graphics may not be the best, but whos complaining? The soundtrack is HUGE!!!!! and Its filled with great music spanning all genres! This plays like any skateboarding game with trick varieties but it feels...thicker =P. The story has several missions that keep the games variety intact. The mountains are HUGE and you can explore almost every single inch! Then the story comes in. The story is basically you and your buddies trying to raise money for a trip to Chile. Then your money gets stolen and you get blamed. The story has cutscenes that are hilariously animated (canadian, sock puppet, anime, etc.) and the script writting is phenomenal! The creation part isnt that deep but you do get to customize your dude/dudette (I hate trouble figuring out if I had a girl or boy highlited haha) in lots of ways (enough ways). Although they may get repetitive, some are quite fun so this will probably stay in your 360 for a while. IF you are looking for an extreme sports game (this consists of sleds, snow mobiles, snow boards (duh), and a 3rd person snowball shooter XD) on the 360, then this is probably your best bet!

Pros: Great soundtrack, HILARIOUS story, huge levels, lots of fun.
Cons: Repetitive, not so great graphics, pretty "thick" feel.
Comments: I hope that new Shaun White game will be as good as this! I want it to be my Amped 4!!!
(I had the dream too Ryan, I had the dream too... =D)

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