Think this title is worth 20 bucks?

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I've been toying with the idea of getting this one throughout the steam sale. It goes on sale for 20 bucks every so often and keep sitting on the fence. I played the demo and it was pretty fun. I've watched the quicklook twice and it looks intriguing, but I still can't decide. Anyone out there who can really recommend it to me. Or, is anyone out there completely against it and would like to tell me that?

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I bought it way back when it came out and found it to be an inferior version of 1404, but I'm not a huge superfan of the series so I might've missed something essential. I would say it depends on what sort of history you have the series.

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@Ares42: At the current juncture in life, this will be my first jump into the anno series. Would you say 1404 would be the best place to start?

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I'm not really the guy to ask as I've only played the 2. It probably won't matter too much as the series seems to be very iterative.

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It's been out for over a year now and appeared a bit sketchy in the quicklook, it's on my wishlist but not at that price.

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It was the first city building game I tried and I had a great time with it. Unfortunately from what I remember the GB quick look didn't do it justice. The guys didn't seem to have any idea what they were doing, but in their defense, it can be a difficult game to break into. I found Youtube to be very helpful in choosing to buy or not and after purchase, tips on how to play. Hope it helps.

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It's a pretty simple and fairly unique city-building game, and all those BlueByte strategy games are well made with great mechanics. I think there's probably a lot of value in the game for 20 bucks. I've been meaning to spend more time with it myself, but other games were getting in the way. Played a couple of hours and it made a good first impression. It's a good looking game as well; menus seemed pretty sleek.

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It is a great city building/supply chain management game that is pretty chill. Unfortunately it has a minor military element just like Anno 1404, but it isn't big enough to be a turn off. The games always have really great music and look pretty as well. I loved Anno 1404. It turned into my chill game where SimCity 4 used to be. Anno 2070 is basically the same game but with the sci-fi/future aesthetic instead of the new world.

Check it out on youtube to see what you think if you need more information. They do include a skirmish mode so you have plenty to do after you finish the campaign. In fact the campaign usually just serves as a tutorial more or less. I really grew to like the games personally.

So basically figure out if you like the games, and from that point figure out if you like a sci-fi look more than the look of the 1400s.

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It's essentially a palette swap of 1404 except without the charm.

Oh sure, there's a few new things such as going underwater, but it's hardly game changing. It's fun enough, sure, but I never clicked with it the same way I did with 1404. Something about the setting there just makes that game easier to like then the futuristic setting of 2070. I mean, this game is just a whole lot greyer then 1404. It feels like they dragged a slider down somewhere to remove all the vibrant colours, because everything is grey in the future.

I'd go for 1404 and see how well you like that first.

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I thought it was fine, played it a fair bit when it originally came out.

If you like the futuristic style more than the historical one from 1404, it's a good purchase. I personally thought it was the better game but that's largely because of the theme.

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i've put 190 hours into anno 2070 and think it's great. but i'm also willing to admit i'm a bit nuts.

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I ended up snagging it, thanks to all you duders giving input! I'm planning on having a beer or two, or perhaps a Cuba Libre and build myself a futuristic city. The 1404 folks, I'm gonna most likely end up getting that down the road if I dig the feel of 2070. I love historical and sci-fi settings so, if the gameplay fits I'll have to play both.

EDIT: Question: ANSWERED. Discussion on 1404 vs. 2070 can rage onwards, if you really want to say something further I guess.

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The game is on special again . With the new Sim City not being what I want it to be, and wanting something fresher than Sim City 4, I was wondering about getting this. What do you guys think?

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