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Archimedean Dynasty (original title: "Schleichfahrt", german for "silent running") takes place in a future where nuclear war leads to much devastation on the surface of the Earth, and the survivors head for the ocean and rebuild civilization on the ocean floor.

Emerald "Dead Eye" Flint is a famous mercenary during these times. While on an escort mission to protect several freighters with worthless cargo, his convoy comes under attack by a ruthless group of mercenaries. When he fails to protect the cargo, he returns to his employer, El Topo, and essentially has to start from scratch, doing menial tasks with a hunk-of-junk ship, in order to regain his reputation. But when Flint starts to suspect something, El Topo finally reveals that the lost cargo was actually quite important...and he wants it back. Flint is sent off on an arduous journey across the world in search for the missing cargo and discovers a lot more than he bargained for.


The game is divided into two parts: conversations and missions.

During the conversation part, you need to talk to certain people in order to advance the plot. Being a mercenary, you can also talk to people in order to acquire optional missions for extra money. With the money you earn, you can buy upgrades, like stronger armor or better guns, and torpedoes for your ship. You do not buy new ships. New ships are acquired through the events of the story.

The missions in the game are very similar to space combat simulators like TIE Fighter or Freespace. You drive your submarine around much like you would with a starfighter and you can shoot your cannons or fire torpedoes in order to destroy enemy vehicles or buildings. However, since you are underwater, there are some differences. If you do not engage the throttle, your ship will drift around. Some areas even have a current that may push you in a certain direction. There are also vertical limits, due to the ocean having a surface and a floor. The underwater landscape is also quite rugged, providing hills and canyons to hide behind. You can use cover to escape homing torpedoes or to hide yourself from enemy sensors. The objectives of missions include escorting people, assassination, destroying enemy structures stealthily, and participation in large scale battles or war.

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