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The first of Dynamix's tank-based combat games (followed by Stellar 7 and Nova 9 ), Arcticfox challenges the player to navigate snow fields, crevices, weather, and mud flats while battling an alien force in Antarctica. Reminiscent of Battlezone , Arcticfox is played entirely through a first-person view, with only a tiny on-screen map to keep the player oriented. The goal of the game is to destroy the aliens' Main Fort, with a variety of sub-objectives that can make the final battle easier.

Weapons and Tactics

The Arcticfox tank is equipped with cannons, guided missiles, and mines (harmful to both the enemy and Arcticfox itself), as well as the unique ability to "dig into" the tundra of the battlefield. While dug in, the player sees only white through the viewport, making situational awareness key. Missiles can still be fired whilst dug in, allowing for surprise attacks. 
While the final goal of the game is the destruction / disablement of the Main Fort, there are several other structures that Arcticfox can target. Blowing up the Communications Fort will render enemy scouts unable to report its position, while elimination of the Oxygen Converters slows down the aliens' removal of oxygen from our atmosphere, allowing for more time to complete the mission.

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