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3.33 stars 3.33/5 Stars Average score of 3 user reviews spread across 6 releases and 0 DLC

The fundamentals are there but it misses the mark in the long run 0

The Good: Enjoyable gameplay; nicely detailed Nexts The Bad: Missions are too short; building personal Nexts is fairly useless in the single player campaign; control can be erratic THE BREAKDOWN Growing up in the 80's with the likes of Transformers, Go-bots, Voltron, and MASK, I've been a big fan of big robots and mechs for a while. In the 90's my interest in the genre was revitalized when I played MechWarrior II for the first time (and later enjoyed Neon Genesis [Shin Seki] Evangelion, and Gu...

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Not the best game but a great armored core game 0

NOTE! THE FOLLOWING REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS, SO IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO NOT BE SPOILED, READ CAREFULY AND SLOWLY! GOT IT? GOOD! LETS GO!Opening Statement:The Armored Core series and I have a love-hate relationship (Just like my real life relationships…), I love blowing s**t up with giant armored robot suits, and I love customizing my mech with tons of weapons and giving it my own custom paint job so it feels like mine. Not unlike that same feeling some people have with cars.But then this beauty of...

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A Step Forward.... 0

            Armored Core 4, the most recent incarnation of the niche mecha-action game series Armored Core, has quite a few changes to the traditional formula that AC games are known for.            First things first, the graphics have of course been updated quite a bit from the previous AC games on the PS2, the mechs themselves look amazing on a HD TV/Monitor, but the environments can be underwhelming at times, with a bit too many re-used terrain textures. The sound quality seemed decent to f...

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