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The only time you'll enjoy something that includes the word 'bits 7

Chip bits, binary digits (aka bits), and 'wait just a bit' are all terms and phrases including 'bits' that most of us have come to hate. The term 'bits' is often associated with something small. Well, for once you won't be disappointed with the small price you'll have to pay for the DSi gem called ' PiCTOBiTS'. The early state of DSiware had me worried for the future of the sleek new portable, but PiCTOBiTS gives me hope that brighter days will come. Like Art Style Aquios, PiCTOBiTS is a unique ...

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A bit(e)-sized addiction that is too fun to resist 0

Standouts: Addictiveness, Classic Throwbacks, the MusicNot-so-much: The almost punishing difficulty level, slight control problems.When I found out you get free DSi points with your purchase, I instantly ran(okay, touched) to the DSi shop to see what there was. Not really knowing any of them, I chose Pictobits: and boy am I happy I did.Pictobits is a puzzle game in the Art Style series. The premise is that combinations of different colored bits fall down the screen, and you have to complete the ...

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Still the best thing about DSiWare 0

 For a simple downloadable title there's a lot of history behind Art Style: PiCTOBiTS (Pictobits for short). Developer skip started things on the Game Boy Advance with the 'bit Generations' series and have evolved the hallmark of simple gameplay coupled with arresting visuals into the Art Style series for the WiiWare and DSiWare stores. To date PiCTOBiTS is the most original and worthwhile investment on the fledgling DSi downloadable service, but it's not quite enough to warrant upgrading from a...

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