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Indie Game: The Movie Trailer Likely to Make You Tear Up

Filmmaking duo also looking for financing as movie enters the home stretch.

I'm not a huge fan of the term "indie" because it forces developers into a stereotype, but I dare you to try and not fall head over heels in love with Indie Game: The Movie after watching its trailer. You may have seen filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot trudging around massive film equipment to places like PAX the past year or so, as they've put together Indie Game: The Movie.

Indie Game: The Movie follows Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes as they launch Super Meat Boy, Phil Fish showing Fez for the first time and the genesis of Jonathan Blow's Braid.

The film has been shot and edited, but in order to put that final coat of paint on--audio, color, mastering--Swirsky and Pajot are looking for a little help through a second Kickstarter campaign.

"So far, we’ve done everything ourselves on this project," reads the Kickstarter page, hoping to raise $35,000. "The producing, directing, cinematography, editing, and writing for the feature film and all the web videos we’ve made during the process. But, now we need some help from others and support to get the feature film done right and taken to the next level, technically-speaking."

Given the Kickstarter is already at $21,000 (as of this writing, anyway), it's probably not going to take very long before Indie Game: The Movie has everything it needs. I can't wait to see it myself.

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Posted by Nesty1972

social rejects rejoice.

Posted by MancombSeepgood

Yeah I saw the trailer earlier, it's excellent and looks like it'll be a really neat documentary. I'm interested in seeing what it has to say of Jenova Chen and Jason Rohrer.

Posted by yyZiggurat

I'd like to see a bit of ThatGameCompany in there but it looks really good.

Posted by Keen_12

Indie Beard: The Indie Game: The Indie Movie

Posted by Zabant

Ugh..the guy at 2.09 has his entire wall covered in pokemon cards and 2 entire shelves of anime style plush dolls. This is the same guy who said he wants to interact with people but not talk to them because he probably wont like them. 
Most people would make some comment about asbergers or something, ill simply call him a douche.

Posted by Vexxan

Looks very cool!

Posted by MancombSeepgood
@HomemadeZiggurat: They will be appearing at some point either in the feature film or the special edition, more details on their kickstarter page.
Posted by Vinny_Says

I already saw building the bastion, I'm good.
Also the dude who swims with his glasses on? Wut?

Edited by Gunharp

@Cribba said:

I'm not a huge fan of the term "indie" because it forces developers into a stereotype

This is exactly what this trailer does.

Yeah I found that opener by Klepek kinda odd.

Posted by coakroach

Indie Game: The Movie: The Game.  

Posted by Landon
@blacklabeldomm said:
I already saw building the bastion, I'm good.  Also the dude who swims with his glasses on? Wut?
Hey, I do that. You're in a pool so you can't loose them and I'm sure he can't see thing without them.
Posted by Otzlowe

I dunno. I feel kind of non-plussed. I guess as someone who thinks about the game development cycle a lot, it just has me going, "Yeah, and?"

Posted by EvilTwin

What's up with the random shots of a pier and a dude jumping in water and then staring at a camera?  
The film making seems a bit pretentious, but I imagine it will be interesting nonetheless.

Posted by SpacePenguin

Ok after watching the trailer Im pretty interested now.

Posted by patrickklepek

@Gunharp said:

@Cribba said:

I'm not a huge fan of the term "indie" because it forces developers into a stereotype

This is exactly what this trailer does.

Yeah I found that opener by Klepek kinda odd. He tosses out stereotypes all the time, why "indie" is sort of not cool to him who knows.


Posted by Ooame

I was so hoping this was gonna be about the Bastion when i clicked this article. Why do almost all indie developers look exactly the same?

Posted by TinyGallon

It's nice when this Kickstarter stuff works out, but it doesn't always..

I just found out about a cool indie movie about the rise of punk rock or pop punk or whatever called "One Nine Nine Four". The filmmaker raised over $15 grand on Kickstarter to "finish it," and it's been stuck in limbo for over a year because of the music rights. I'll bet the people who pledged $100+ feel great about that..

ANYWHO, can't wait to watch this.. And maybe play freakin FEZ one day!!

Posted by Belonpopo

All these people look awesome!

Posted by perilator666

Dude in a Sunn O))) shirt. Fuck yea!

Posted by SaturdayNightSpecials

So many ill-advised beards.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Based on the quality of this trailer, there are some really talented people producing this film. I will give them money.

Posted by Napalm

The amount of straw-grabbing negativity in the comments is fucking disgusting.

Edited by Belonpopo

An indie movie and indie games. Fuckin' Meta.

Posted by Ghost_Cat
@Napalm: I agree. What's so wrong with the way people look, or how the trailer's presentation?
Posted by yyZiggurat

@MancombSeepgood said:

@HomemadeZiggurat: They will be appearing at some point either in the feature film or the special edition, more details on their kickstarter page.

Thanks, that's good to hear. I guess I can be in for $15.

Posted by LordXavierBritish

God I want this so bad.


Posted by Waffles13

I'm holding out for Indie Game: The Movie: The Game. Or is that just Game Dev Story?

Posted by CaptainComedy
@EvilTwin: Those shots are the sort of stuff you see in video production trade school demo reels all the time. Sometimes you just find a fucking beautiful shot you HAVE to use, but no real way to work it into the project you're working on. Maybe there's more context in the actual film though! Who knows.
That being said, I can't wait for this. If they release a bluray, I'll happily drop $45 or so to see this. These guys' work is very inspiring to a young filmmaker. It is amazing to me that a documentary about guys making games in their apartments can look so Goddamned gorgeous.
Posted by MarkM

Overly sentimental.

Posted by MistaSparkle

Documentaries are the beast! I can't wait for this!

Posted by ZagZagovich
Oh right Bob's game. For some reason I though he was Tom. By the way Jim Sterling on Podcastle (a loooong dead Destructoid UK podcast) at one point shared his impressions on the demo he got. From what I remember it was like a collection of bad jokes in a pokemon-like world exploration shell. Sadly it's probably lost with a lot of other episodes of Destructoid podcasts because of bad decision to split podcast and blog pages but not update the podcast page. Anyway. Bob's game. Check it out. It's a crazy story.
Posted by Absolute_Zero

@ZagZagovich: I'll have to look for that Podcastle, I've enjoyed listening to Sterling on The Electric Hydra. As for Bob's Game, I had been watching it for a while (even got a reply from him on a YouTube trailer he posted). What a strange chain of events...

Posted by Soviut

Hopefully it's more informative and less art-piece.  What did they do right, what did they do wrong, etc. 
The last thing I want to watch is interviews with hipsters who happen to make games.

Posted by Tordah

Looks neat. I'll be sure watch this. 
Also, first time I hear about this Fez game. 

Posted by RagingLion
@MysteriousBob said:
These guys look like a bunch of douchebags. Stop trying to force some weird artistic justification into your games. We played Braid because it was a fun puzzle game, not because 'it goes into deepest emotions'. Its a video game, not art. Get out of your own arse.
Just for balance and perspective I wanted to share that for me personally a large part of why I was excited to play Braid was because it looked to tap into some deeper emotions.   And I felt it delivered on that.
Posted by GunslingerPanda

Looks boring and pretentious. I guess Jonathon Blow's involved.

Posted by Stackboy

Awesome. I donated $15 when I heard about this, just so I can get a digital copy. Hope it comes out well baked.

Posted by ModernAlkemie

+1 backer

Thanks for letting us know Patrick!

Posted by Forderz

chipped in 75$, and I'm hoping its money well spent.

Posted by Mumrik

Why would I fall in love or tear up?
It looks like yet another production in same style as all the other internet related semi-documentaries we are seeing lately.

Posted by UnrealDP

It looks great and this totaly makes me tear up. Also im not one of those people who thinks johnathon blow is pretentious or anything, but him talking about how he put his "deepest flaws and vunerabilities" into Braid make me just roll my god damn eyes. Playing braid i can say he never did anything like that....
Posted by veXedbulldog

Terrific stuff here.

Posted by HerbieBug

A movie about Team Meat?  
omg omg omg omg  <3 <3 <3

Posted by pants_ghidorah

That trailer looks awesome, something I could definitely put a couple bucks behind. Can't wait.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

While it was a little off-putting seeing indie film and documentary tropes like guy in swimming pool not swimming and weird shots of people just sitting around in place as if it were their life but without actually drawing attention to the fact that there's people with cameras asking them to stay put while they get this shot down... This actually looks great.
I always relish chances to get an honest insight into the making of games.

Posted by MarkDarkness

Plain awesome. Love this kind of documentary (such as "Get Lamp") and will be eager to watch it.

Posted by Jethuty

as much as i loved braid, im getting REAAALLLY sick of jonathan blow.

he made one game, and he has been riding it since.

Posted by Xpgamer7

That was really optimistic, I love it.

Posted by Icemael

I'd watch a movie like this if it was about developers like Miyamoto, Kamiya, Mikami, Sid Meier and Blezenski.

Posted by Tomzombie

+15 backer

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