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Phase Two Is Go

We're saying goodbye to Sausalito and moving back to the big city. Our time is now.

Maybe a bit too literal, but hey, whatever works. 
I'm coming to you live, from my house... in my underwear. Just felt I should get that out of the way up front, but the reason for all the partial nudity is that we're between offices right now. Wednesday was our last official day in the old offices, and we spent most of that day packing everything up, slapping labels onto it, and drinking. Actually, I was driving, so I mostly watched other people drink. And I'm extremely lazy, so I mostly watched other people pack, too.

It's a big move for us that comes at the exact right time. With the addition of Tested and Screened to the Whiskey Media posse, Sausalito is now officially too small to contain us. So our new office is a bigger spot that'll give us more studio space, a dedicated podcast room, and, weirdly enough, an entire room devoted to our own private whiskey bar. I believe in the business world they call that "walking the walk?" This also means that I'll be able to make vague threats directly to Alex every time a bad game shows up in the mail and constantly pester Will to help me figure out which laser mouse is right for me without having to walk upstairs.

We'll have more to show of the old office getting dismantled and new office in the near future. But there's more going on than just a new basement to call home.

 The Human Tape Measure goes to work.
The number one question we get around here goes something like "how the hell do you guys stay in business with no ads on the site?" We've sold a few T-shirts in the past, but to be honest, those happened because we thought they'd be cool, not because we ever expected to make a huge profit on them. Same deal with the iPhone app, which is rapidly losing value now that you can view those same videos using your phone's browser. For us, it's been all about building a regular audience and treating the people that choose to spend their time with us with the respect they deserve. The business dudes have done some ad deals in the past, and they've signed a deal with an external firm called Six Apart, which will be largely responsible with putting ads onto Giant Bomb and the other Whiskey Media sites.

It's funny, a lot of people wanted to guarantee us a whole lot of money up front for the ability to sell ads on our sites. For just about any other company I can think of, this would have been the "cha-ching" moment, where you start grabbing as much cash as possible. That's the easy way out. We've gone a different way with it, instead focusing on putting a system in place that should hopefully prevent the Internet's worst types of advertising from ever sullying our pages. We're doing what we can to make sure that the ads don't ruin your experience on our site. There will be site skins, but you definitely won't see one every day. There will be banner ads, but not for dick pills or "YOU PUNCH MONKEY 4 FREE IPODZ" or all of the other bullshit that makes a website start to stink. It's nice to be working with guys that understand the value of your experience with our sites. My guess is that there will be some bumps in the road this month as we get things going, but it feels pretty good to be shifting into "proper business" mode. That'll give us some more leeway to do all of the stupid things that no other game website would dare to even try and continue having fun while we do it.

This is the part where I should come to you, hat in hand, and tell you how ad blockers block the fun in the worst way possible, but I'm not going to tell you how to live your lives. If you absolutely can't stand any form of advertising ever yet you still want to support what we're doing down here, well, we might have some things for you in the fairly near future that'll let you handle that without the intense guilt that comes from knowing that Coonce won't be able to afford any more tracksuits if you're blocking all of the ads.

My understanding is that today is the first official day that Six Apart is beating down doors on our behalf, and our office doors will open once again on Tuesday. In the meantime, we'll be working on some review stuff (I have a lot of Singularity to play) and celebrating... our Independence Day! *cue cheers*
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Posted by queenulhu

I'd pay a subscription.  Giantbomb has replaced the need to purchase game magazines & I don't miss it at all.  I'll pay monthly, show me where to sign!

Posted by DjRich

So, I guess I still don't really understand where Whiskey and Giant bomb get their money from? I mean, I have never seen any ads on the site. Or I could just be missing them. But still, what is the secret?

Posted by Ronald

That basement looks huge. Of course, once everyone moves in it won't, but for now, huge. And we need more shirts. I finally had $25 of disposable money last month and realized the space neon lobsters shirts weren't for sale anymore.

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Well blow me down! That was the most awesome mission statement  that I've ever read. So unlike any of the normal bullshit spewing forth from our businesses, government, media outlets,space satellites, etc. Been following you and the guys since the get-go and will continue until they rip this computer from my cold, dead hands! Much love to you all (in a manly way of course!).
Posted by natetodamax

Goddamn, Dave looks so young without a beard. I don't like it.

Posted by oddjob

My Ad Block has bee disabled for you guys since the beginning, so time to punch monkeys to get free ipodz

Posted by Keeng

Do what you want, guys. You definitely deserve to be rolling in dough. I wouldn't mind a few ads if it supports the crew.

Posted by Fallen189

Is animevice going with you?

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Good luck guys, I'll continue to not block your ads.

Posted by yates

Moving on up! 
Seriously though, this is literally the only video game website I visit. There aren't many websites out there that show as much respect  to its users as the Whiskey guys do. 
Keep up the great work guys. 

Posted by ndnichols

Keep up the awesome work.  I would definitely pay to either remove the ads or not feel bad about reactivating my ad blocker.

Posted by ApolloBob
@skywave said:
" I'd pay a subscription.  Giantbomb has replaced the need to purchase game magazines & I don't miss it at all.  I'll pay monthly, show me where to sign! "
Posted by DeathbyYeti

I appreciate Whiskey Media very much.

Edited by Trilleong

I do it because I love you.
Posted by FLStyle
@Fallen189 said:
" Is animevice going with you? "
Anime Vice doesn't have any full-time workers so no. The only writers it live away from WM.
Posted by queenulhu
@ApolloBob said:
" @skywave said:
" I'd pay a subscription.  Giantbomb has replaced the need to purchase game magazines & I don't miss it at all.  I'll pay monthly, show me where to sign! "
This. "
Yeah dude.. it makes the most sense to me.  I subscribe to just to upload art there whenever I want - I've been using the site for 6 years but only now started subscribing.  But I'd send GB my money in a heartbeat; I think many users would, out of respect & appreciation for the GB writers.  I don't make a lot of money but I couldn't live without this website so I support whatever you guys need to do to stay running.... fuck ads though I'd rather just pay you guys directly!
Posted by TonicBH

Hearing you guys get annoyed when people use ad blockers on your site made me disable my adblock on all the Whiskey Media sites. Because I support you guys and you're all awesome.

Posted by Spike94

Love this site, and these bros! Thanks guys for being you and all of the wondeful content. Truly, this is the year for down-to-Earth sites that are staffed by dudes who just love whatever topic the site covers, as well as an audience who shares that love. Lookin' forward to more adventures and fun! Take care and keep on...Bombing? Giantly.
Posted by Potter9156

Mind sending Coonce to my house? I need to measure a couple walls in my house.

Posted by HatKing

Love you guys.  Keep up the amazing work.  I will gladly look at your ads.
Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Can't wait to see the new offices! You guys have been a huge success, so you deserve a bigger place to work!

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Do what you guys need to. As long as none of those damned ads don't have audio..

Posted by chogi
@DjRich said:
" So, I guess I still don't really understand where Whiskey and Giant bomb get their money from? I mean, I have never seen any ads on the site. Or I could just be missing them. But still, what is the secret? "
whiskey had some millions (775?) come in from angel investors and probably venture capitalists so they could live off that money for a while. but this post is a bit more long term than that plan i guess.
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I had GB on my ABP white-list from day one, and it will remain that way.
this is certainly a website I will always be proud to support.
Best of luck for all the moving stuff, I hope it goes smoothly.

Posted by Minamu

This sounds alright to me. And you should probably do like neogaf, and ban anyone who dares to admit that they use ad-block. And google-ads. They're generally pretty funny, if teamed up with the right post/thread. And they're rarely bothersome, imho.

Posted by BigChief

You guys are great, and anything that allows you to continue to be great (or perhaps become even more great?) is alright in my books. Seriously, this site and the other Whiskey sites are some of the best out there, and it's fantastic that you are willing to consider the user's experience and how to improve that. If ads will help you guys get a bit more money coming in, I'm all for it.
And good luck on your new premises. Nice to see you guys moving up in the world. But seriously, we're going to need an update on that fish can.

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this is one small step for man and one giant bomb for man kind!
That sounded better in my head...

Posted by Spaceyoghurt

Congrats on the new offices!  

And about the ads, you're doing the right thing guys, I fully support this. It's been nice surfing the best video game site ever, without having to care about ads. But they are a necassary evil until someone comes up with a business model that's less frustrating. I work on a web agency in Sweden, and both we and our various sites readers hate these freaking banners. Luckily, they understand that we need to make a living somehow. Here's hoping someone cracks this tough nut soon.

Posted by Siphillis

A round of applause, Jeff.  It's been a long time coming, even though you were in your underwear talking about this site before it launched, too.  Some things never change, I guess.

Posted by Jimbo7676

*salutes while tearing up* I'll even click the fucking things.

Posted by Capum15

I totally re-read the last part with the Independence Day thing going and it made it so much more hilarious and awesome.

Posted by sawfish22

Love the site and I'll continue to love it.  Much thanks for everything that everybody does over there at Whiskey Media.  Keep up the good work and good luck on the move. 
Posted by Mockduck

 I fully support Giant Bomb getting ads if it keeps the content going and keeps y'all employed!  Good luck on making one of the best gaming sites even better.    

Posted by Vitor

Congratulations on the move and wishing you the best of luck. 
I really appreciate how upfront you guys are with the way you run the site and don't mind the intrusion of site-tailored ads  the slightest (much like penny arcade does) if it keeps you guys afloat. 

Posted by MutenMiller

I have  added a number of sites whom I respect and trust to my adblock ignore list. Suffice to say, your site has been on that since day 1, and I don't see that changing. It's nice to see companies give users respect, and not Flash pap drooling all over their articles.

Posted by Curufinwe

I just disabled ABP on GiantBomb, but it goes back on if a Persona 3 PSP Quick Look isn't on the site within two weeks.

Just kidding.

Posted by Monk

Well Ad block on this site disables video for me. But I would do it anyway since I care for GiantBomb and its staff. Does this mean all the sites are on the same floor and we get to see more of the people from the other sites? That would be great :D

Edited by Vager

Can I expect some discriminatory favors from Coonce if I buy him a track suit? 
I also disabled ad blocking on Whiskey sites. I hate ads, but Whiskey Media is special.

Posted by kollay

Love what you guys do and will forever support the Whiskey Media family! Can't wait to see (hopefully) a full-on video tour of the new shelter!
Aside from you guys, the only site I read-up on for news is Kotaku. I've only been a follow since Summer of last year, but you guys have this unique charm that no major video game editorial site has. I am aware of your guys' GameSpot history, but again, I wasn't a follow even then and I regret not having discovered your personalities up until last Summer. 
Much love.

Posted by Damian

You could fit a studio audience in there. Geez! 
And poor Vinny must be so sick of moving things.

Posted by Vincenzo
Jeff. Thank you for the update. You touched on some current conversation pieces in the community. We appreciate it!
Posted by nobel

You guys have been on my adblock ignore list from day one. I wanna help you make some green, as you're doing an awesome job! 
Carry on!

Posted by 1p

The part about ad blockers is bumming me out. I have to imagine it's a big issue for sites with somewhat tech savvy audiences.

Posted by Alphazero

Congratulations on the big move and the (hopefully) big profits! You guys deserve it.

Posted by alternate

I don't mind static relevant ads - either subtle or front page skins - but anything that pops up, animates, autoplays video or flashes, etc and I reach for adblocker.
Look at the big game sites and they are hurting for ads these days so if you got companies wanting to give you money up front you must be doing something right.

Posted by Tuggah

Do you guys get money based on ad clicks?

Posted by pweidman

Thanks for the update Jeff and being so straight up with our community.  Can't wait to see some video of the move and your new digs.  As far as ads, no problem, trust you'll keep them under control.  Now get some pants/shorts on man!
Posted by DSale

Y i k e s. 
Don't mess this up Giant Bomb.

Posted by Kovie

I love you guys.

Posted by Dirty_Harry

Keep up the great work guys!