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The Best Half-Life 2 Mod Ever

Ever? Ever.

As I run out the door to go check out a bunch of new PSP games (come back tomorrow for that), I will leave you with this, the funniest Half-Life 2 mod I've seen since the infamous "naked Barney" patch of '06. It's a concept so simple and yet so brilliant, I wish I'd thought of it first.


(Download the mod itself here.) 
You know what, Valve? Just cut modding from Episode 3. Nobody will top this. 
(Thanks to the guy who sent this in, who wishes to remain nameless!) Brad Shoemaker on Google+
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Posted by Vorbis

Great mod.

Edited by AndrewB

Episode what? Oh... right! I remember now! Episodic!

Posted by Dachef

Funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Edited by Kajaah117

Pure awesome, I'm in love with the Crossbow reload. I might have to try this someday.
I noticed he missed one sound though, the empty shells hitting the ground. Could use a "clickity clank" or two.

Posted by xaveri

Brilliant. Is anyone still playing HL2?

Posted by John1912

What a waste of time.  Most his sound FX were sub par at best.  Should have gone more over the top and try to make them funny.  I call worst mod ever....
Posted by Urmean

Downloading now!

Posted by Dethfish

I'd like to imagine that Gordon Freeman is making all those noises himself.

Posted by Postromo

saw the title best mod ever, saw that it had something to do with voices, and i got so fucking excited that all the sounds were replaced with brads voice. I was SEVERELY disappointed 

Posted by SoothsayerGB
@FuzzYLemoN said:
" @day2daze said:
" HAHAHAHAHAHA if only i had a good computer "
A good computer? HL2 came out in 2004 and runs on pretty much anything. o_O "
Can I trade your "anything" for my "anything?"
Posted by Box3ru13

Yeah this prolly is the best mod ever. I mean I started laughing so loud I bet all the neighbors heard me. Brillant idea and better execution. Bravo. 

Posted by Hector

That freaking awesome!!!!

Posted by Darkstar614

that is great

Posted by RichardLOlson

I really enjoyed that.  The sounds effects are nice.  Although he should do different mods with different sound effects.

Posted by Origina1Penguin

Pfft.  My brother did the same thing years ago for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.  Still funny.

Posted by DannyJ

Timesplitters Future Perfect did this as a cheat. Laser guns went, "PEW PEW PEW!"

Posted by LordKorax

Timesplitters: Future Perfect had an unlockable cheat that did this exact thing in the multiplayer. It was great.

Posted by Zajtalan

gets good rating for ego brain

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

I have a feeling that Richie G sent this.

Posted by fox01313
Posted by Vigorousjammer


Posted by supalink

lol amusing

Posted by SuperfluousMoniker

Funny stuff. The boat sound is surprisingly close to the original.

Posted by RHCPfan24

That is very funny. The pistol sound actually sounds (or feels) no more powerful than the regular one. This guy has dedication...if too much.

Posted by OneKillWonder_

Haha, that was funny shit. Reminds me of the TimeSplitters 3 cheat. I loved the magnum reloading sounds.

Posted by Claude

Funny, makes me want a mod with nothing but animal sounds.

Posted by Brackynews

Black Mesa Academy... machinima go!!

Posted by TwoOneFive


Posted by wrecks


Posted by Crono

lol time well spent

Posted by clarke0

No other mods will ever achieve this level of greatness. Ever.

Posted by Nick

Wow that is actually pretty funny lol.
Posted by Dan_CiTi

Makes me want a mod with Animal Crossing voices and Double Dribble voices.

Posted by Th3dz

He's actually really good at maintaining the pitch of all sounds too, this must have taken some time.

Posted by doe3879

hahahaaaaaa lol hard on the 1st min
but then it got kina old : (

Posted by GunnBjorn

Although it's nice, i expected something more spectacular...
Posted by Kratch

What is it about people doing ridiculously stupid things to an amazing extent?  It's like some kind of existential experiment or something.  Also, it makes me laugh.

Posted by JJWeatherman

good stuff

Posted by Mcfart

Awful, though I agree with Brad that this is the "best" Half Life 2 mod, only because everything else is just worse.

Posted by Meowayne

The original Resident Evil for PC had every sound and dialogue file in .wav format. Naturally, this is the exact thing we did.

Posted by lord_canti

that vid has both made my download that mod........and buy system of a down steal this album album again XD

Posted by Kolonel_Kool
@Deusoma said:
" Nate Pack had the idea on paper first, and it's funnier in action than this mod. It's too bad this one gets a front page appearance on Giant Bomb just because it was released first. :\ "
I concur!!!
Posted by MachoFantastico

Wonderful mod, all games need to feature a 'replace all game sounds with voice' feature. Gaming would be a much more stunning place.

Posted by Lazyaza

I want someone to mod a game where all the sounds are taken from old looney toons cartoons or better yet one where all the sounds are replaced with quotes from various movies or simpsons episodes. :D

Posted by RagingLion
@FlipperDesert said:
" Now someone needs to mod HL2 so Gordon thinks-up snappy one-liners as he goes through the events of the game and my life is complete.
"You must be Gordon, I'm Alyx." "Is it okay if I call you Sugar-Tits? Is that a yeeeees?" "
That is a genius idea.  If it was well written that could be so so awesome.
Posted by Sharpshooter

That is simultaniously the most stupid and most brilliant mod ever concived. If not for the fact that my pc has dies I'd download this immediatly.
Posted by SinGulaR

It's funny. But it would annoy the hell out of me after a short while. He also forgot to replace the screeching tires of the buggy.
Posted by warxsnake

tourettes guy l4d tank

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@AndrewB said:
" Episode what? Oh... right! I remember now! Episodic! "
good call
Posted by RazielCuts

Man the pistol is the best. BA BA, BABABABA BA BA! :D 

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