Just completed the main story (spoilers)

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Overall I really enjoyed the game, probably my favourite from the series so far but the ending wasnt great, both for Connor and Desmond. It at least will be interesting to see where AC4 goes with Juno becoming the big villain I guess. Im assuming though that there will be games inbetween again though following extra adventures from Connor similar to Ezio after the comment Juno made to him that he will make a difference again.

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As you've marked spoilers, i don't know if i need to mark for them or anything. :) but i got into the story to see Desmond get to be a assassin in this "modern cybertech world" they showed partly in the first game. Slowly, that vanished, was replaced by a bog-standard modern world setting and redubbed "training to be a master assassin" to be "Guy who can sneak and wall run". The term "titanic waste of my bloody time" comes to mind and im someone who owns all the novels too!. :( I am not a happy girl right now and im questioning bothering with the Vita game as i really wanted to see a female assassin too. *sighs* It sucks being a fan of something in gaming now, its just not worth the faith.

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The only part I enjoyed playing as Desmond was during the mission to rescue his Dad as he finally seemed to let loose being an Assassin but apart from that most of his stuff was pretty pointless.

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