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Asura's Wrath Review 2

Your enjoyment of Asura's Wrath is going to depend largely on your ability to put spectacle over gameplay. At only about six hours and consisting mostly of Quick Time Events and cutscenes Asura's Wrath is more of an interactive anime than a game by standard definition. Even though it's short, the simplicity of the systems in place could easily turn a six hour experience stale, but the three different styles of gameplay alternate frequently enough to keep things fresh.The most prominent of the th...

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Certainly worth seeing, not sure if it's worth playing. 0

I played the demo for Asura's Wrath and while I can appreciate the spectacle, I found it entirely too... QTE heavy. There was no way I was going to buy this. So I guess it's somewhat fortunate that my bro had more interest in it than I and picked it up for himself. With nothing else on my agenda I figured I'd give it a whirl.And the full game is still entirely too QTE heavy.Frankly I wish the QTE's weren't there at all, because I enjoyed watching it well enough.I just didn't enjoy having to mash...

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Asura's Wrath Review: So Much Wrath 2

Asura's Wrath may be the biggest gamble I have played in a long time. Its an interactive anime from Capcom and CyberConnect2, being primarily played via quick time events with some limited points of direct player control. Its an extremely strange game, being similar in certain ways to the likes of Dragon's Lair and Heavy Rain, but with a striking style and theme. So, does this bizarre hybrid of a game hold up against the competition, and is it worth your time?Bring it!The story of Asura's Wrath ...

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R2! R2! R2! 0

After enough Dragon Ball Z episodes (or similar anime series), it’s hard for anyone not to have a power fantasy. Dreams of charging giant fireballs and using the world’s energy for massive “power levels” are commonplace for any fan. Asura’s Wrath lets the player take our fantastical day dreams into the video game reality, and does an incredible job of it.After playing the demo when it first came to the Playstation Network Store, I laughed off Asura’s Wrath, thinking it a button-mashing frenzy a...

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Burst! 0

Here is a review that was originally posted at Gaijin Densetsu. Over at Gaijin Densetsu, we focus on Japanese developed games, news and culture. If you enjoyed this review, please visit our website!Happy 2013 and welcome to the inaugural post here on Gaijin Densetsu. I thought long and hard about what game to write about for my first post and after much hemming and hawing, as well as no small amount of procrastination, I decided on Asura's Wrath. I finally settled on this title because it repres...

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This game is special in a good way 0

I'm really conflicted on this one, I really liked it, but mostly because of how unusual it was, not because it was a great game; in fact if this had been a dbz or some other anime licensed game I probably would have hated it, but it wasn't and I enjoyed it for it's great characters and constant over the top madness.Bad on Capcom for locking an integral portion of the game behind DLC, that's some real shameful shit right there and it's great content that should be played by everyone that plays th...

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Oh, Asura you so angry! 0

Asura's Wrath reviewed by Doc D StrangeWhen I first heard about this game I believe it was Capcom's Captivate in Florida. the first footage I saw was this world size Buddha looking guy jamming his finger into the earth's atmosphere to crush this character with six arm's and I was like DAMN.... I have to check out this crazy ass game. Welcome to Asura's Wrath MBG style!Story/GameplayHe must workout.Minor spoilers ahead. The earth is being plagued by these crazy creatures call Gohma which look lik...

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Wow… What the hell did I just finish playing?! 0

Wow… What the hell did I just finish playing! I’m not saying that in a bad way, but more in the vein of the stuff that happens in this game, it’s crazy, it’s mental and it’s INSANE! Asura’s Wrath is an epic adventure, it’s a game that’s more of an experience, and it’s done in such a unique way that it’s not like any other videogame I have ever played. This is both a good and a bad thing, and at the same time limits the audience to a selected few who will understand what this game is trying to ac...

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Take A Chill Pill Asura 0

Asura’s Wrath is Capcom’s latest game for the Xbox360 and Ps3 and is also an original IP. Watching trailers for this game you would think you have one of the most over the top games ever made, but (without hyperbole) that might be the case if you actually had a game to play. Asura’s Wrath takes the Quick Time Event (QTE) idea and beats it to death, sometimes with 6 arms at a time. I will try and be as spoiler free as possible.The story and setting of Asura’s Wrath are never fully explained. We k...

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I'm sorry I couldn't hear you over the sound of my RRRAAAAAAAGHHH 1

Let me start with this. My review is probably biased.There is not much Gameplay to Asura's Wrath. Most of the time I found myself frantically pressing the Circle Button, which I believe will never work right again. I also found myself constantly smiling as the scenes unfolding before my eyes constantly grew in scale and sheer craziness.I'm going to get this off my chest.I love this game. Oh Good Sweet Xenu, do I love this game.Cyberconnect 2 designed this game to play like an anime. I can say th...

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Asura's Wrath Review 0

I debated writing this review for a few reasons. First off, since I'm not a member of the professional video gaming industry, I'm not eligible to play these games early. Since I have to wait till after the game has been released to play it, I'm not much use to people trying to decide to make a day of purchase. Secondly, I'm not the greatest writer ever so, this is actually a bit of work for me when most people don't really care about it anyway. After having beat this game however, I feel it my c...

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Asura's wrath is DBZ on crack 1

I was deeply impressed how this game turn out to be. After i played the demo, I wasn't sure but this game is amazing. If you like anime, it has the same structure that a Dragon Ball Z, Rurouni Kenshin or Fist of the North star has. The episodes are cut like anime ones: the ending teasers, intros, etc. The music is amazing, i was shocked by this; my favorite is the one where you fight your master. Also, there's a lot of unlockables. I wish DB games were likes this, may be their fighting system wo...

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Considered Opinion - Asura's Wrath (360) 0

When considering an approach to a game review, there is one thing which i feel must be avoided at all cost, pandering to preconception. When a game comes baggage'd with a preconception, fueled possibly by inept or ill conceived PR, or simply the ravings of a maddened preview write-up It leaves said reviewer with a dilemma; Do you begin by focusing on this conceit? Dismiss it entirely, that your review gives a better impartial assessment? Or concoct an inane and overly long reflection on the fact...

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Bringing the Odd 0

Asura's do you describe it? Weird as all heck seems like the most appropriate term. If you cannot handle just unrelenting weirdness, then this game is not going to be for you.You are demigod Asura, who has been betrayed by the Gods and is summarily dismissed from Heaven. He is sent to Earth, where his fellow Gods have caused a wealth of problems. And these problems proceed to anger Asura.And, man, anger is a huge theme. Asura is angry. Makes Kratos seem balanced in comparison. He can...

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Asura's Wrath: Phil fish was wrong; not all Japanese games suck 0

Originally posted on“Asura’s Wrath” is a pretty tough sell. The game shows well, with incredibly overdone action set pieces and an extremely vivid art style, which makes it hard not to get excited watching a trailer for this game. Structurally, however, it’s a six hour campaign comprised of limited combat sequences and an abundance of QTE’s (quick time events, think execution moves in God of War if you aren’t familiar with the vernacular). You might be thinking of this as...

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Different is good! 0

In short it's a great game, very different and certainly not for everyone. But it's nice to have something different come out in this day and age of FPS. It's crazy, bizzare and all that makes it a wonderful game! You'll often wonder what the hell your doing or why but you'll love every minute of it. Just make sure you know for sure what the game is about gameplay wise before you pick it up. That's not a knock against the game it's simply just a warning to those not used to such a different type...

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5 Sentence Review Of Asura's Wrath 0

Button mash button mash button mash BURST!(Lots of grunting and yelling) Super Punch!Oh no what happened to my arms... man not again.How is any part of the planet still in one piece after all this?...And cliffhanger, time to buy the DLC....

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My Thoughts on Asura's Wrath 0

When I first saw the trailers for Asura’s Wrath, I knew it was a game that I wanted to play. Playing the demo that came out shortly before it’s release only made me want to play it more…but not for 60 dollars. The game was something different, something crazy and over the top. At the same time something just didn’t feel right spending 60 bucks on it. It seemed like mostly quick time events and while that might have been entertaining in the demo, would it be after a 6-8 hour game? I decided to wa...

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Crazy action Anime - the game 0

Asura’s Wrath is such an unusually unique experience I don’t know whether to call it more of a game or an interactive anime or even who to really recommend it to.While that might sound negative I can certainly say it isn’t bad, far from it, there is action and presentation values at work in Asura’s Wrath that make games like God of War look positively restrained in comparison. When you aren’t exploding planet sized bosses with a single punch you are throwing tank sized missiles at space craft or...

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