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Atic Atac was a top down game in which you explored a castle with 200 rooms on 5 floors in an effort to collect the key of A.C.G. At the beginning of the game there were 3 character choices, the serf, the knight and the wizard. The main thing that seperated the 3 classes was an ability to use different objects within a room as secret passages. During the adventure a player would come across various coloured doors and would have to posess the corresponding coloured key in order to use the door.  Rooms of the castle were filled with a wide variety of monsters such as ghost's, bats, vampires, Frankenstein's monster and much more.

Atic Atac was developed by Ultimate Play the Game and released the back end of 1983 with the gaming press and gamers giving it a good reception.


The ACG Key was so named because the original name of the developer was Ashby Computers & Graphics Ltd

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