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Auf Wiedersehen Monty is the fourth outing of Peter Harrap's platform series. Continuing the theme from the previous three games, Monty Mole finds himself a fugitive from the law - but this time he has a plan! Starting in Gibraltar, Monty must travel across Europe earning enough money to buy himself his own personal Greek island, where he can live out his moley retirement.

The game is an 80 screen platformer, the main idea being to collect everything that doesn't kill you. There are some puzzle elements scattered throughout the game, and many collectables need pixel-perfect jumps to get at. Other twists include air tickets that can be found around the world that allow travel across large sections of the map, and also allow you to play a brief air air combat game. Monty also has a rather odd spin jump, that takes a little while to perform and can require a lot of trial and error to get right timing-wise.

The games was released across several platforms in 1987, and received positive reviews from the gaming press.

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