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The first in the longrunning Backyard sports series, Backyard Baseball is the only one in the series to feature no professional players. The 30 playable characters are all unique in personality and skills. Players are ranked in skills from 1-4 in running, batting, pitching, and fielding. The game used the SCUMM game engine. There are two main modes of play: pick up game an league play. Pick up game has the player picking kids against a computer and playing a game at one of the stadiums. League play has the player competing for the League Championship. Statistics are kept in categories like strike-outs, singles, doubles, hits, and homeruns for all teams in the league.


Player selection screen
  1. Jocinda Smith
  2. Ronny Dobbs
  3. Mario Luna
  4. Achmed Khan
  5. Tony Delvecchio
  6. Dimitri Petrovich
  7. Gretchen Hasselhoff
  8. Lueane Lui
  9. Kimmy Eckman
  10. Ricky Johnson
  11. Annie Frazier
  12. Mikey Thomas
  13. Lisa Crocket
  14. Amir Khan
  15. Sally Dobbs
  16. Pete Wheeler
  17. Dante Robinson
  18. Vicki Kawaguchi
  19. Reese Worthington
    Pete Wheeler
  20. Kenny Kawaguchi
  21. Stephanie Morgan
  22. Sidney Weber
  23. Ashely Weber
  24. Angela Delvecchio
  25. Marky Dubois
  26. Pablo Sanchez
  27. Billy Jean Blackwood
  28. Jorge Garcia
  29. Ernie Steele
  30. Kiesha Phillips

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