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Solid Cooperative Action 1

I have played through this game a few times with my brother. While it is a solid single-player experience on its own i truly shines as a two player cooperative game. Featuring the usual array of heroes you roam the lands in search of damsels in distress and dragons to be slayed. Well, almost. The game is unfortunately very linear and plays more like an isometric action game han an RPG. The choice of weapons and number of monsters is very limited and supports that notion. Still, the game mechanic...

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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance was a short and repetitive RPG. 0

Badlur's Gate: Dark Alliance was an ok game, but it got repetitive really quick and it was extremely short. The story was lame, the world map was lame, and there was a bunch of other things that annoyed me. The Gamespot review of this game bugged me because I didn't suffer through any framerate problems, but I only played it on normal on single player, so things might be different in a harder mode. Other than that, I would suggest the X-Men Legend series for a better beat-em up, dungeon crawling...

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Baldur's Gate 0

The first time i played thisgame was with my dad, I watched him playedit and i played it one night and couldnt stop.the game independently is one of the greatest game titles of all time except for thefact that they dont make Baldurs gate games anymore it is kinda sad but ohh well. The game gives you a weird feeling when you are in the sewers or cave and the music is goin i makes yougit that feeling that something will come after you or a swarm of something is coming after you and thats a good fe...

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A Solid RPG 0

Dark Alliance is a GBA RPG that pits you as one of 3 classes, plus a secret class you unlock at the end of the game, for a nice portable experience. The graphics are fairly good for a portable and they are extremely dark and fit the mood at almost all times. The enemies range from giant rats,to trolls, to giant stone golems and you have enough moves so it hardly gets repetitive. It also has good replay value,so you can play through as each class.The storyline is also fairly decent, with you bein...

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Divided, we're lame. United, we rock! 0

One of the more memorable moments in Dark Alliance was when I found myself discovering the unique, mercurial water effects. It was a joy, just splashing about and watching the impossibly perfect ripples interact with each other and yet, something was missing. When I discovered co-operative play, that little excursion became an experimentation into glorious obsession.We're off to see the wizard Who said fluid physics can't be fun?Dark Alliance was probably my first proper "dungeon hack 'n' slash"...

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