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While old, the great gameplay can not be ignored.

 Battle Arena Toshiden is a game that stands the test of time as one of the more enjoyable 2d fighters out there.

Graphics: It looks like it should, the character models look pretty good considering they match the overall feel of the game.

Sound: It sounds like it should, whether it's the music or the sound effects(which are both great Battle Arena Toshiden has music that reflects it's Japanese fighting tournament sort of vibe.

Gameplay: It's simple when you first pick it up, but as you play more and more the games deeper elements begin to reveal themslelves. The button mashing is replaced with simple yet effective combos, especially after you have beaten the game.

Value: If you can still find it, then buy it. It has a fairly deep main mode, which becomes even deeper as unlockables begin to appear.

If you can find it, buy it. Get it for the classic 2d fighting game that it is.    


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