Do You Keep Your Beta Stats?

#1 Posted by darkgoth678 (295 posts) -

Any one know if after the Beta's over, you get to keep your stats and points you accumulated?  
if not, Im going to be kind of pissed...

#2 Posted by Geno (6477 posts) -

I would assume not, it's not generally a tradition to keep beta stats for any game. 

#3 Posted by Coombs (3449 posts) -

I'd say no,   I have never known a beta to transfer anything to the actual game.

#4 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8534 posts) -

No, of course not.  The names you create do carry over though and why would you be pissed? 

#5 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2644 posts) -

Yeah it's only your account and soldier name/clan tag. All of your stats and unlocks (aside from those you get as pre-order or Special Edition) are reset.

#6 Posted by pause422 (6172 posts) -

No, they would never let you keep your stats from a beta or a demo.

#7 Posted by darkgoth678 (295 posts) -

ok then I guess I wasted my time getting that sniper and F2000 and other guns I wanted....

#8 Posted by Falk (86 posts) -
@darkgoth678:  If you think playing the game is a waste, then yes.
#9 Posted by darkgoth678 (295 posts) -

well don't get me wrong the game is fun as hell, is just im one of those people that like to get stuff once and that's it. I'm not one to go through stuff twice. 
However, I have no other choice 
Hell, I suppose it'll be more fun ranking up in more than one map...

#10 Posted by MrKlorox (11209 posts) -

No. Why would they conceivably do that?

#11 Posted by Marz (5646 posts) -

no, it's kinda not worth trying to get the next unlocks that require about a 100 million points because your rank will be reset when retail comes out and unlocks are appropriately priced.

#12 Posted by Deity (12 posts) -
@SeriouslyNow said:
" No, of course not.  The names you create do carry over though and why would you be pissed?  "
I've heard the same and had been under the impression that this would be the case, however, I have never seen an official source confirming it. So, if anybody can find a quick link to where the developers/DICE said this, it would be very much appreciated.
#13 Posted by sandwich_adjustment (685 posts) -

sucky i got like 150k points

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