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Tactical Destruction Part 2 0

Although with the recent midst of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 dominating the first person shooter market, Battlefield developers DICE was working on the sequel to their 2007 console breakout Battlefield: Bad Company. Containing memorable characters, a unique style while pertaining to the series ethic of large scale vehicular combat, and fun multiplayer, a sequel should be anticipated. Now released it's indeed a hell of a good time.  The gang's all here! Following a quick and surprising p...

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It Blows Up Real Good 0    BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY 2 REVIEW 360 & PS3 Digital Illustrations CE launched a warning shot two years ago with Battlefield Bad Company. They proved that the series, known largely for its excellent online battles, could provide a fresh take on single player war games and hold its own against the competition. The second game gets more serious, not only refining the online component to be a true standout and viabl...

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You're in Good Company with Bad Company. 0

For all its charms and “console-centricity”, I could not get into the original Battlefield: Bad Company.   Don’t get me wrong, there were many aspects I liked; it had likeable characters, the premiering Frost Bite Engine opened up a world of possibilities, and it had a decent multiplayer component to it.   However, for every positive, I couldn’t help but think the game was a little off.   The single-player campaign, although touted as the main selling point, often felt flat or cobbled together f...

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Destruction 2.0 0

Competition is always healthy. After dominating the realm of multiplayer first person shooters for so many years, DICE’s Battlefield series has been overtaken in recent times by the surging emergence of Call of Duty and its Modern Warfare brand. The first Bad Company was a step in the right direction, offering a substantial multiplayer package whilst also showcasing the Swedish developer’s first attempt at a dedicated single player campaign, complete with memorable characters and an actua...

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So much put into such a glorious package. 0

 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 brings back the fun of the Battlefield series in a very thrilling way. While many online fans are saying death to Modern Warfare 2, I'm not going to make those comparisons. Modern Warfare 2 is a different style of game and cannot be compared apples to apples. Battlefield is a vehicular combat shooter with huge, open maps, which goes without saying since you wouldn't want to roll around in a tank on a 4x4 map.If you were a fan of the original Bad Company, by story alon...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 0

 I've been a fan of the Battlefield series, but as an online shooter and not a single player experience. I skipped the first Bad Company, so I came into the second game's campaign knowing very little about the story and cast other than a few fairly funny videos about the main squad. That core team of four guys make up the single player's strongest element, as they make their way through a mission that has its moments, but ultimately comes off a bit clunky compared to its direct competition...

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Video Review 0

 Even if you're a hardcore modern warfare 2 fanboy you have to get Bad Company 2. It's one of the best games you're going to be able to play this year.

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Takes the piss out of MW2, mainly Haggard. 0

Once upon a time there was and still is a Call Of Duty series. And once upon another time there was a Battlefield series. These are quite similar. DICE have always tried to take some of Infinity Wards ideas. In some cases, they have succeeded. In others, they've failed. Come on now DICE admit it. You didn't think of those levels yourself now did you? The first level. Hmmm... It reminds me of Semper Fi On World At War. Then there's the desert looking rather like Afghanistan in MW2. But whats more...

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Bad Company 2: Badder Company 0

                    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a first person shooter for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, and carries a prefix nearly a decade old.  Bad Company 2 doesn’t quite hit the level of awesome that I experienced in Battlefield 1942’s Desert Combat mod, but it is bloody close. Multiplayer is a clear evolution from previous Battlefield games and doesn’t shy away from borrowing some ideas from other popular shooters. The single player story mode is a great romp with some well developed cha...

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More like Battlefield Awesome Company 2 0

When I built my first PC in 2004, the first game I bought was Battlefield 1942.  I mostly played the Deseret Combat mod, got involved in a clan and had a blast doing it.  Since then I’ve played basically every PC iteration of the battlefield series including the cartoony free-to-play Battlefield Heroes (which is pretty good btw).  The Battlefield series is by far my favorite FPS series of all time.  Battlefield Bad Company 2 has everything in it that makes an FPS game good, including… singleplay...

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The Battlefield continues to impress 0

With names like Battlefield Modern Combat, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield Vietnam. The Bad Company series had a lot to live up to, not to mention online competition against the now enormously popular Call of Duty series. And Bad Company 2 has done more than live up to its predecessors, it has surpassed them!   GRAPHICS: the graphics in Bad Co. 2 are absolutely stunning, from icy, snow-capped mountains, to arid dusty deserts to, lush tropical rainforests. Bad Co. 2 surpasses its competition. L...

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Bad Company 2 stomps the previous game in almost every aspect 0

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a strange game. After spending a lot of time with it, I've come to the conclusion that DICE took one main aspect of the game in the wrong direction and took the other main aspect in the right direction. The end result is a game that certainly isn't of poor quality. Rather, it's a game that could have been much more, but wasn't due to some strange decisions made particularly with the single player.  War. Serious business. Bad Company 1 was the first real attempt ...

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The Best Multiplayer Experience 0

Bad Company 2 provides the  best multiplayer experience currently on the consoles. I think it betters every other serious FPS on console: COD:MW2, HALO, MAG etc.    I didnt play BC1 but was always a fan of the series on the PC and I still play Battlefield 2. I was abit skeptical about DICE's new outing on the consoles but it seems my fears were unfounded as the game has blown me away. While it doesnt match the scale of previous installments with only 24 players, but it matches and even surpasses...

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Are Dice still able to prove they can make great online games? 0

  I remember just after Infinity Ward just gimped Modern Warfare 2 for PC Dice came along and said "Hey PC guys we still love you so why don't you buy our game". This was a very clever move to really get people not only into BC2 but make a lot more turn away from MW2. Even so I always had my doubts about the game everyone remembers the Battlefield games for the second and was still considered one of the main FPS up there with Call of Duty and Counter Strike.  To be frank I never really...

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My opinion of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 0

I'll be covering both multiplayer and singleplayer, so bear with me for a minute. I've not played the original Battlefield: Bad Company since I have a very strong bias against FPS games on consoles. So no comparisons to console only games will be made. I've also been one of the few that actually did "successfully" boicott MW2. But that's another rant for another time.... So I'll just jump right into the game now! So to be honest as far as the singleplayer goes it sure ain't Half Life 2. A.I is r...

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Great Online Fun 0

 I think there needs to be a little background before we get to the main review. First off, this is a review for the PC version of BC2 and there are a few things to note… One, I did not play BC1 since I do not own a console and only game on my PC. Two, I did not buy MW2 since it is a disgrace to what a PC game should be by a company that started off and was financed by PC gamers. And Three, I am a veteran of the BF series since back in the good ol’ PC only days of 1942, Vietnam, and BF2.  Now I ...

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Bad Company 2 a succesor to Battlefield 2? 0

 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a new installment into the Bad Company series that started off as a console game but now DICE has developed part two with the PC gamers in mind.   The end result is a game that doesn’t feel like the quality has been dumbed down because of being multiplatform.   This review will concentrate more on the PC version rather than console comparisons in order to be more precise in this review.   I’ll start off first by saying that this feels like a product that is a true ...

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Instant explosive classic 0

      The first Bad Company had different ideas and gameplay then the other shooters out there. It wasn't the big smash hit it was thought to be. But now there is sequel to make up for that.          Positive: Excellent visuals and detailed environmentsA much more intense storylineExhilarating MultiplayerMassive amount of weapons and customizationLarge landscapesGreat voice acting with some good humorDestructible environmentsOutstanding level designDifferent countries to visit in the storylineFa...

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Exceptional Online, Charmless Offline 0

Looking at the cover of this game (for any system), you would be forgiven if you thought that this game had nothing to do with the original. From the perspective of the single-player story, you're mostly right. All the charm and the humor they put into the first game is gone. Yes, the characters have the same voice actors, but the characterizations have all gotten turned around.  Sweetwater was transformed from a meek geek in way over his head into an all-American patriotic soldier. Haggard was ...

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review 0

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (BC 2) is the sequel to the original Bad Company released two and a half years ago. The original was a departure from other Battlefield games as it had a good campaign with a story and emphasized on destructible environments. The sequel tries to expand on what made the first one so great and does this with differing sucess.  The first mode that appears when you start up the game is the campaign so let's start with that. The game follows the on going adventures of Bad C...

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DaveBeFree's Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review 0

 In a market flooded with shooters of all kinds, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 deserves your attention.  It doesn't do anything out of the ordinary, or boast of advancements in narrative or technology, but Battlefield: Bad Company 2 succeeds at being an impressive collection of fine-tuned mechanics and fun and satisfying gameplay.  If your looking for excellence in the shooting genre, you will certainly find what you need in this package.  If you're looking for something different, well, go ...

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Great game, both singleplayer & multiplayer 0

After playing the first game in the series, I expected the sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to be much, much better. The first game had serious problems with multiplayer, specifically the lack of game modes and maps. The game also had a somewhat boring campaign that just seemed like a constant kill-fest.  However, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 became one of my favorite games the day I picked it up. As I opened the case, I was very impressed to see a VIP code, something that shows the care DICE ...

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The Illiad...Hell of a Book 0

Do you remember Battlefield 1942, Vietnam, 2, 2142? I sure do. Hell, 2142 wasn't the best but I still played it because the Battlefield series is the only series that actually does online multiplayer right in every way...most of the time.  Then Battlefield Bad Company came out, and it was only for the consoles. The single player was decent, coming from a developer and franchise that only does large battlefields. It's multiplayer on the other hand was best. So now we have Battlefiel...

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A CHARMLESS CAMPAIGN MEETS A STUNNING MULTIPLAYER EXPERIENCE!Battlefield: Bad Company 2 does what good sequels do best, fix past faults and builds upon the fundamental mechanics already in place. There's a clear reason why the Battlefield name is at the forefront of this latest DICE creation, while a single player campaign might tag along for the fun of it. It's still very much a Battlefield experience and it's obvious that the multiplayer is where DICE have put a lot of their efforts. This frus...

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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Review 0

 So Bad Company 2  If you have played any First Person Shooter then you know some of what to expect from this game. Yes you shoot people kill them and move on in both muli-player and single-player but the most important thing is in how Battlefield Bad Company 2 does this. Like the first Battlefield Bad Company and Battlefield 1943 Battlefield Bad Company 2 runs on the Frostbite engine 2.0 I might add. This allows amazing destruction with great  performance coupled with great graphics. The...

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Shooting the Shit (Single Player Only) 0

                 My video game life and my writing life hardly intersect but this is worth a shot. I recently played through Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It is a good game. It does some things amazingly well and others very poorly.                    The sound is fantastic. The voice acting is spot on and believable. Actors sometimes stumble, like actual human beings. Its intentional and its fitting. The range from close to far away is stunning. Everything sounds like it should. If a explosion h...

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Must Have! 0

I'm a big fan of the COD franchise, but this is an excellent alternative!  If you don't play online, this game is just "good".  The single player story (like the first) is forgettable.  The multi-player is nuts!  From the vehicles, to the weapons, to the's a FPS multi-player dream. I think games like these need to move to different price points though.  I wouldn't pay $60 for a multi-player "only" game.  Regardless, if you love playing games like COD, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Si...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 0

  While the campaign may come in a little on the weak side, there are signs of improvement. And the strong multiplayer component all but makes up for it in the long run.        The original Bad Company brought something new to the first person shooter genre with its destructible environments, allowing players to shape the battlefield how they wanted, and it created a different experience every time you played. It also introduced a full story based single player campaign for the first time ever i...

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Definitely not flawless, but should be played 0

 The first Battlefield: Bad Company was highly praised although I never fully understood the love. It all felt very monotonous. Sure, it was funny and endearing for a bit, but I got tired of the same "kill a group, walk, kill a group, walk," formula. Which means I quit the game after a couple of hours. If it got better, I'll never know. That being said, my excitement for Bad Company 2 was minimal. The thing I was most excited for, the Multi-Player, is probably my least favorite thing. It felt v...

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Incredible multiplayer! 0

While it doesn't take long to complete the single player campaign, the action sequences are incredibly fun and the story is fast paced.  Although the game creators didn't make war seem like a joke, the subtle humor kept the mood light -- especially compared to other first person shooters on the market.  However, the shining point of this game is definitely the multiplayer.  With a leveling system that is bound to keep you hooked, destructible environments and tons of vehicles, I'm sure you'll fi...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 comes laden with amazing action. 0

In the world of online-oriented shooters, one must come up with an invigorating recipe in order to stand out from all the other contemporaries, a bold and arguably hard feat that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 actually accomplishes with vigor. By boasting chaotic multiplayer action, an intense and varied single-player campaign and immensely thrilling destructibility coupled with some of the most cacophonous sound desgin this side of shooters- -Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is a huge...

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I want so much to love this game.. 0

But on the PC version there are too many bugs. I guess this is my fault for buying the port version on a platform that is known for piracy and incompatibility issues. But heck it was a coupon for their online store that made it $20.  Even after that, however, I warn you to stay away from the PC version. It doesn't save your preferences on load-outs or the settings you like on servers you play on. Even the quick play function doesn't work.  When you do get into the game, there is moments of lag a...

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MW2 Killer 0

The single player portion of this game leave's a lot to be desired... But if you're anything like me, you will love the MP portion of this game. PC gamers rejoice, there are dedicated servers!!! Which means I actually have a choice of the map I want to play on and the server community I wish to play with. The classes are balanced for the most part. The maps are varied. Three main types of skirmishes can be found.... Conquest, Rush, and Deathmatch... I've been playing the MP section of the game f...

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Review 0

 I have been a fan of the Battlefield series since the very beginning and this is an amazing edition. The multiplayer is basically what I asked for in a Battlefield game. Which is war-like combat on a huge map, scattered with  vehicles, and just that old school Battlefield feel. It really brought me back to those old days from Battlefield 2 for PC. In this they brought back the conquest mode which is basically when the map is covered with 3-5 points that your team needs to capture and hold. It i...

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Bad Company Back For More 0

        Battle Field Bad Company 2 is a big step up from the first game. As far as the story goes it is very entertaining and comical at times. The single player I believe is a huge improvement when compared to the first Bad Company. In the first game the story was mediocre and silly for the most part. There would be times during a mission where you could be driving around on a golf cart and not be shot at by anyone.                      Bad Company 2 on the other hand has a more serious approa...

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One of the funnest FPS's I ever played 0

Battlefield Bad Company does a rare thing. Dice was able to combine realism (such as the fact that bullets are affected by gravity) and game techniques (health packs) to create a fun, yet fairly realistic FPS that delivers. Also as a final touch it offers a great campaign. The Realism in BF:BC2 is amazing. The environment is in depth right down to every grain of sand. Unlike other FPS's their is a whole engine designed so that you can ravage a house after a few to many frags hit it. Also if you ...

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Sniping, Overview 0

This is definitely more of a "thinking man's game" compared to call of duty, in as much as lining up your sights and adjusting for fall/etc. Head shots feel SO more rewarding, in a great way. The single player is short (I beat it in a night) but didn't want me wanting any more, it felt like the same formula that's been used since Medal of Honor with sarcasm added. The destructible elements in the world definitely make a huge difference from a tactical perspective and in terms of having fun as we...

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My Kind of Modern Warfare 0

I rated Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) with 5-stars under the impression that other people would like it, and not under the context that I do, because the game is simply that good. However when it comes to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (B:BC2) I am allowed a little room to breathe while playing most of the maps, however sniper fire is nastier in return. DICE took a great bit of what made Battlefield 1943 so good and incorporated it into a $60 game with more features and a great leveling system similar to g...

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  First a little back ground The Battlefield series of games has had had an prestigious history, staring in 2002 with the hit Battlefied 1942 the game had two expansions and two spin offs one in 1960’s Vietnam War and the other in the future with Battlefield 2142 which had an expansion of its own.   The Battlefield series switch to a modern setting in 2005 with Battlefield 2 (Modern Combat on consoles) with 3 expansion packs.   In a change of pace EA decided to make a console only game called B...

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mulltiplayer heaven 0

well what can i say... this has to be in my opinion the best multiplayer game on the 360 since gears of war 2.dont get me wrong there have been many other good online games on the 360 but i feel this just offers that little bit more. i guess its the squad aspect i most like because it isnt each and everybody going all out, ok you could but you dont really get rewarded for it like in other games such as mw2. this game to me is enjoyable and for me a lifespan of more than a week. the only thing th...

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In this review I make some comparisons to Modern Warfare 2. 0

 My review:Battlefield Bad Company 2 is kind of a mixed bag for me. I played through the campaign and it was... really a bit of a disappointment. They seemed to really strip out all of the... open worldiness that you would expect in a Battlefield game. I never played the original Bad Company, so I dunno how that campaign was, but BC2's is just... kinda fucking bland and lifeless. Everything's tight and scripted, except for that one open level in the desert, but even that was very limited and bor...

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An awesome game that has given MW2 a run for it's money. 0

When I picked this game up from the local store on release date, I was expecting big things. For starters, DICE had already impressed me with both the first game in the 'Bad Company' spin-off games, and Battlefield 1943. Both of these games were just amazing multiplayer shooters that set a standard for large, open warfare. Now, the sequel to 2007's Battlefield entry has come out. This game has heavily refined everything that made the first game so great. A new campaign featuring the same charact...

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Intense with Humor 0

So a friend recommended this game to me so I decided to pay the 30 dollars and buy it. At first I wasn't to excited since I have been disappointed with war games in the past. However, I found this game to be very catchy and exciting. It has a good story line and it isn't the same thing over and over. It has some humor thrown in it which I absolutely love. It has its intense moments and the moments were you can have a laugh. The multiplayer is pretty entertaining. Overall this game has a good sco...

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Realistic war game 0

This game surpasses call of duty in many levels. The bullet actually curves when soaring in long distance, which makes you think how high the gun must be pointed in order to hit your target. You can ride in a helicopter ( or be the gunner ), ride a 4 wheeler for speed, and drive a tank. No equipment is indestructible so don't be scared if a tank comes your way. ...

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