Bayonetta PS3 maybe one of the worst ports in a long time *pics*

#101 Posted by captain_clayman (3345 posts) -

that's icky.
20 frames is shit.
they should have this game for PC...

#102 Posted by TheHBK (5657 posts) -

PS3 can't handle.

#103 Posted by Bghattas (46 posts) -

A lot of people might not know this but apparently Bayonetta was supposed to be an Xbox 360 exclusive. It was never intended to appear on the PS3. Sega wanted Bayonetta ported onto the PS3 for money reasons. Too many people are ripping Platinum Games instead of Sega.
I hope that future Platinum Games will be developed on the PS3 instead going forward but if they aren't, then Sega shouldn't bother porting them until they are ready. The install feature should have been available on January 5, not February.
For the record, I liked Bayonetta but it's nothing special. Darksiders is the better of the two games released that day.

#104 Posted by Whisperkill (3046 posts) -
@Bghattas: In terms of combat, Darksiders can't even compare to Bayonetta. I love DMC so to me Bayonetta is a far superior game.

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