Getting difficulty trophies/achievements with a clear data?

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Okay, so I am just wondering, after I have beat the game (I was playing on easy cause I kept getting killed lol) and have got all the weapons (and weapons like Pillow Talk and Bazzilions) can I then complete the game on a higher difficulty and get the achievements (trophies for me) for completing the game on like Non stop climax (If I were to play on non stop climax mode)? 
Also, how do you equip two sets of weapons (i.e. 2 Lt. Col. Kilgore, one on each set of limbs?) Do I have to buy the alt. version? 
Also, since you have to beat the game on normal to get alt costumes, could I use clear data (from easy) to get that?

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@essaregee: For the trophies, yes pretty sure you can. I beat the game on Normal and played 1-4 on hard with my clear data and got the achievement. As for the weapons, yeah you have to buy the alt versions from Rodin. For the costumes, once you've beaten the game, check Rodin's shop for them. I beat it on Normal and they appeared, so I'm not sure if it works on Easy. There's really never any reason to start new data near as I can tell.
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@SuperfluousMoniker: Okay so I guess I can do that (beat game on easy, get everything then bat it on normal to unlock costumes, and then do it on hard and the other difficulties to get the rest of the stuff) Thanks!
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you have to buy the alternate versions of those weapons from Rodin (the shop)

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