Is the game fatally bugged at the end or am I crazy? *spoilers*

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So I'm at the end of the game, and I'm running up the side of the tower and a boss falls off and blows up, the flames start chasing me up the tower and I'm supposed to run up the tower away from them.  But they always catch me, ever single goddamn motherfucking time.  I'm literally about to break my controller in half.  Could someone please tell me what in the holy fuck I am supposed to do?  Because this goddamn game is not throwing me any kind of a clue here at all, and it is royally pissing me off.

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You didn't try panther, you're bad!

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@Vinchenzo said:
" You didn't try panther, you're bad! "
I totally did.  It keeps catching me any way.  I have no idea how else to outrun it.
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@PopeAnonymousVII: Do you reach a dead end? Because you're supposed to drop through a glass window. Look for that.
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panther and jump in the hole at the end.

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Use panther. Maybe try double jumping too, though i'm not sure if that's faster than running, it seems like it at times. Anyway, you'll need to run to a window that's along the main path you're on. You'll smash through it, avoiding the flame. At least I think that's the part you're referring to.

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Panther form is the way to do it... maybe try double jumping in panther form near the end. You just need to make it to the pit iirc, if you go to the side of the pit and not in it, the flames might catch you.

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Thanks.  Finally figured it out.  Jesus, this is why games need hint systems.  After a gamer tries the same thing twenty times the game should realize their is a fucking problem and try to drop a hint or something.  Seriously.  When I beat this game tonight, I'm either putting it away for a long time or selling it in the morning.  I hate paying sixty dollars just to get my virtual nuts stomped on, it's not called for.  Christ, it's called normal difficulty for a reason.  From leading early contender for my favorite GOTY 2010 to leading early contender for most disappointing GOTY 2010 in the span of a single day.  I hate it when otherwise good games get ruined by an growing obsession with "challenging" the player, especially when that challenge is accomplished in all the wrong ways.

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youre gonna HATE the final boss.

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