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The Beanbean Kingdom is where Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga primarily takes place (it doesn't appear in any other games). Although it is much smaller than its neighbor, the Mushroom Kingdom (with which it shares a northeastern border), it is still quite the expansive and varied kingdom (with arid deserts, wide oceans, numerous forested areas, and several large valleys). The Beanbean Kingdom is ruled by Queen Bean, as well as her assistant Lady Lima and her son Prince Peasley.

Stardust Fields
Stardust Fields

  • Stardust Fields - The dust-filled fields that border the Mushroom Kingdom. This is where the Starshade Bros. make their base, as well as where Mario and Luigi battle Tolstar (one of the first bosses of the game, besides Fawful).
  • Hoohoo Village - A village inhabited by Hoohooligans, a race of bean people. The Hammerhead Bros., Sledge and Mallet, make their home here, so Mario and Luigi get their hammers here.
  • Hoohoo Mountain - The large mountain in the northeastern corner of the Beanbean Kingdom. It isn't quite as northeast as the Stardust Fields, but is right next to it. Mario and Luigi fight Dragohoho on the top of this mountain.
  • Beanbean Castle Town - Beanbean Castle Town is the town in front of Beanbean Castle. It contains many shops, for items, clothing, badges, and even coffee (the shop is run by Professor E. Gadd).
    Château de Chucklehuck
    Château de Chucklehuck
  • Château de Chucklehuck - The château is located in the Chucklehuck Woods. It is a cola brewery, and is famous for the Chuckola Cola. This is where Mario and Luigi first encounter Popple and his sidekick Rookie.
  • Chucklehuck Woods - Chucklehuck Woods is the only place in the Beanbean Kingdom where Chuckola Fruit is grown (which is the main ingredient in the famous Chuckola Cola).
  • Woohoo Hooniversity - Woohoo Hooniversity is the esteemed university of Beanbean Kingdom. Mario and Luigi visit it in hopes of finding the Beanstar. Upon entering, they find that Cackletta and Fawful have transformed the students and teachers into monsters.
    Oho Oasis
    Oho Oasis
  • Oho Oasis - Oho Oasis is an island located in the Oho Ocean. It is the island where Mario and Luigi gain fire and electricity powers (respectively). The island is inhabited primarily by Oho Jees, who are easily defeated by respective powers.
  • Beanbean International Airport - The Beanbean International Airport is the only airport in the Beanbean Kingdom. Mario and Luigi must clear the runway so that Princess Peach's airplane can land.
  • Teehee Valley - Teehee Valley is a dried up seabed in northwestern Beanbean Kingdom. Teehee Valley is the only way to get to Little Fungitown. Teehee Valley also contains the ruins of the ship S.S. Chuckola.
  • Little Fungitown - Little Fungitown is a community of Toads built on mushrooms. It is basically an immigrant community in Beanbean Kingdom. Mario contracts a disease here that would have turned him into a bean, but Luigi managed to find the antidote before that happened.
    Yoshi Theater
    Yoshi Theater
  • Guffawha Ruins - Guffawha Ruins is where Luigi had to go to find the cure for Mario's Bean Fever. At the end of the ruins, Luigi challenges the Guffawha Monster, who many Toads thought was a bone-crushing menace, but in reality only had Luigi go through a series of puzzles.
  • Gwarhar Lagoon - Gwarhar Lagoon is a rocky, tropical area in the southeast of the Beanbean Kingdom. Mario and Luigi find a Beanstar piece on top of a large hermit crab named Hermie III. Also, the Jellyfish Sisters are located here, and they help by teaching the brothers new techniques.
  • Yoshi Theater - The Yoshi Theater is a movie theater built to honor the Yoshis. The four movie posters are all references to other Nintendo franchises: Legend of Stafy, Wario, M & L, and Kirby Story.
  • Joke's End - Joke's End is a frozen palace located in the Oho Ocean. It is inhabited by Jojora, but it is unknown if anyone else had lived in the palace previously. Since Mario and Luigi have to separate constantly during the palace, it is considered one of the most difficult locations in the game.

Species in the Beanbean Kingdom

  • Beanish - The Beanish are the main occupants of the Beanbean Kingdom. They are as Toads are to the Mushroom Kingdom. Beanish resemble beans (hence the name) and can live for quite some time (as evidenced by Bubbles, who spent thousands of years complimenting the Chuckola Reserve). Although Beanish primarily appear in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, some Beanish also appear in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  • Hoohooligans - The Hoohooligans are a species that lives in Hoohoo Village. They resemble cacti, but are meant to be another type of bean. Apparently, their civilization is very old, one of the oldest in the Beanbean Kingdom, used to communicate using Hooroglyphy, and built the Hoohooros.
  • Winkles - Winkles are a snail-like species that live in the Chucklehuck Woods. They run the Winkle Colosseum, which Mario and Luigi get into and win a Winkle Card, which contains an area where a piece of the Beanstar is, as well as a statue of what appears to be a female Winkle.
  • Oho Jees - There are many different types of Oho Jees inhabiting the Oho Oasis and its surrounding islands. The two most common types are the Red and Blue Oho Jees (who can be killed only with Firebrand and Thunderhand respectively). Green and Purple Oho Jees appear as well, but don't have a specific weakness as with the others. They are not enemies naturally, but are provoked by Thunderhand and Firebrand (in which case they go insane and attack sporadically).

Queen Bean
Queen Bean

Beanbean Kingdom is a monarchy ruled by Queen Bean, who has absolute power. Prince Peasley, her son, aids her in many decisions and also helps out when there is a need for someone to carry out a secret mission (he is a hero of Beanbean Kingdom, after all). Lady Lima operates as Queen Bean's top adviser, and is always at Queen Bean's side (Cackletta takes advantage of this, and disguises herself as Lady Lima at one point. Beanbean Castle is where all major decisions regarding the kingdom are made, or more specifically Queen Bean's throne room. Naturally, Queen Bean and Lady Lima are always present for these meetings, but Prince Peasley is occasionally there.

Beanbean Guard
Beanbean Guard
The leaders of the Beanbean Kingdom also have a good international relationship with the Mushroom Kingdom. Not only are Queen Bean and Prince Peasley good friends of Princess Peach, but each kingdom helps the other out in times of crisis. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is an excellent example of this, with Prince Peasley aiding the Mushroom Kingdom by disguising Birdo as Princess Peach (thus making it so that Cackletta cannot successfully steal Peach's voice). Also, Mario and Luigi help out the Beanbean Kingdom by defeating the threat of Cackletta and rebuilding the destruction that she caused.

The military of the Beanbean Kingdom consists of armored soldiers wielding a shield and a javelin. These soldiers can either be employed as guards for a place, person, or thing, or deployed on special missions. Each soldier's breastplate and shield is decorated with the icon of the Beanbean Kingdom.


The economy of the Beanbean Kingdom is primarily market-based. Inhabitants of the kingdom make a living by forming shops for various goods. Usually, they only accept Beanbean Coins, but sometimes another form of tender is taken. Beanbean Coins are much more valuable than Mushroom Coins, but the exchange rate is constantly changing (which is used to a humorous extent). Most shops are located in either Beanbean Castle Town or Little Fungitown, to sell items, clothing, badges, or weapons. Some other shops sell other services, such as Professor E. Gadd's coffee shop, or the arcades in Little Fungitown. Almost all shops buy and sell goods, with a few exceptions. Although it is never directly stated, most of the draw for the Beanbean Kingdom appears to be tourism, as there is the Beanbean International Airport and a photographer who takes pictures of tourists (and offers to take Mario and Luigi's pictures).

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