supermooseman's Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Wii) review

As the rest in the series, it just doesn't last long enough.

There are currently four games made by Nintendo for their systems that are based on training your brain - three for the DS and one for the Wii (this being Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree). Although each title is fun to play, the same problem remains throughout all of them; the game just doesn't last long. You'll play it for a month and then you'll get bored of it and leave it to gather dust.

This doesn't mean they aren't fun games. In fact, Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree has to be the best title so far. The game is set in a school environment and makes good use of your Miis. The menu screen is a hallway and it has you Miis wandering about, which you can then press to make them jump. Although it isn't ground breaking stuff, neat touches like this make the game a joy to play.

The test is broken down into six categories, each for different parts of the brain. In each category is three games, totalling to eighteen games in total, which isn't very many at all. During the test your Wii Remote speaker will be shouting encouragement at you, such as "good job!" or "keep it up!". After the test your brain will be weighed, which is determined on how well you did, and you will be given a score.

There is also a mode which lets you practice each of the games individually at varying difficulties in which you will be awarded a medal afterwards depending on how well you've done. Your scores can be sent via the Nintendo WiFi system to all your friends, so you can compare them in hope of having the biggest brain.

The game also has three multiplayer activates, but two of these involve passing the remote which is never really a good thing. The game that involves two remotes is probably the best, too - the screen is split down the middle and each player will be given games they have to work their way through, and the person who completes all the games first wins. Other modes involve doing one game at a time and trying to get the highest score and going as long as you can. These two modes feature a few games that aren't in the single player modes, which is a shame because they are quite good.

The music and sound effects in the game are nice, and fit into the style of the game. Overall, the game is fun while it lasts and is good to have a quick play on with your friends, but you will get bored of the game within time.

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