How long is the story?**Spoilers**

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I'm just passed the First Lady airship and i met the Vox Populi and i'm curious how many chapters are left? The reason i ask is because i never finished Bioshock 1 because of all the tedious objectives, i'm wondering if this is any different.

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You've got a way to go. You still have to fuck around with Elizabeth's mom's ghost and Booker smashing Comstock's face in largely unprovoked.

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The story is about 2 hours long, the game however is like 12-15 hours long. Prepare for more tedium.

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About 12 hours total. It's a brilliant game, don't listen to these naysayers.

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I'd say that you're about a third of the way in. If you're playing on Normal and don't really go for the side stuff - I didn't, it's largely useless on Normal - then it should take you around 8 - 10 hours total.

And yes, it is all worth it. I thought it was a really, really good game.

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There's some really good stuff ahead. The game took me about 14 hours and I searched for EVERYTHING (didn't find everything unfortunately). Some of the best parts of the game are ahead of you.

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It took me around 17-18 hours on normal. Apparently, you can finish it much earlier than that, but I guess I spent a lot of time admiring the world and doing side stuff. Love the game.

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Took me about 14-ish hours.

The game isn't tedious if you enjoy the combat. I mean, that's kinda most games, really.

If you do find yourself disliking the combat, however, I suggest you try not to actively ascertain what's going to happen next, 'cause that was the reason I ended up not liking it too much.

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It's around a dozen hours. I barely finished Bioshock 1 due to repetition, but this one kept me engaged through the end.

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Woah, these are some big numbers being thrown around. It took me 8, 9ish hours both times I beat it, meticulously going over everything each time so I could get the Sightseer and Eavesdropper awards.

But you're only halfway through the game, if that, right now. It's a VERY brisk game though in my opinion, but then I thought the combat was perhaps the best FPS I've ever played (as someone who is generally bored to tears by FPS). I've also never finished Bioshock because I thought the combat in THAT game was novel until the Big Daddies show up and then it became garbage.

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I wanted to play This before GOTY discussions but I'm so sick of Bioshock's brand of bullshit objective that I just want to read up on the ending now. It's a chore to play for me and I'm contstantly counting how much time I've got left. Unlike the Last Of Us where I'm enjoying every second of it.

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I enjoyed this game a lot. Took me probably 10 hours or more to beat just wandering around when given the chance. You're probably at about a third or half way through the game though. You're still in for quite a wild ride!

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I want to say it took me about 12-15 hours, though I was wandering through the world getting lost in the lore and trying to find any backstories or Easter eggs.

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Just play on easy mode, the combat is easily the weakest part of the game, and unless if you're a masochist, you'll just want to blow through it as quickly as you can so you'll be able to get to the good bits.

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So far i'm enjoying the combat and i'm still somewhat invested in the story. The main thing that was annoying about Bioshock 1 was the constant "2 steps forward, 1 back".

Having Troy Bake as the voice of Booker is definitely a plus of the protagonist of the first game(what was his name? Jack?).

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In a lot of ways Bioshock Infinite is grossly overrated

In a lot of others it's one of the best games ever made. It's a very odd title.

You're looking at 8 - 15 hours give or take depending on the difficulty you're playing on, the amount of audiophones(?) you listen to etc.

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Too long. All too long....

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It's about 12 to 15 hours. 15 on the first playthrough, on second and subsequent playthroughs, even to see just about everything, it's about 12. I just beat the game again earlier this morning, on 360, which I got a few days ago digitally, and I bought the season pass and the one other DLC so I just now (quite literally) finished Burial At Sea. I loved Burial At Sea because it for me was a great return to Rapture and some of its characters. It honestly wasn't 90 minutes (or so it seemed) that some have said it was, though I'm not sure how I feel about the ending. It might have been an hour and a half, though it felt longer. Oh, I bought Infinite on PS3 a month or two after its release, and that's where I beat 1999 mode. I didn't think 1999 mode was all that hard, but with the DLC, it's extremely easy to the extent that you can almost just run through guys. The first game's about 15 to 20 hours. I loved that game, so I don't know what to say about that, but yeah, Infinite is shorter (and not quite as good overall in my opinion, but still superb).

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Took me about 10 hours, but by the time I got to the Finkleton portion of the game (or whatever the industrial name was), I was done actively enjoying the gameplay, so I kinda rushed through and didn't explore much after that.

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I beat it all yesterday in like 13 hours on normal. Only missed like 5 vonophones.

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