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General Information

The Blade of Woe is an item that first appears in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The blade is given to you as an undroppable item given to you by Lucien Lachance that must be used to take the life of the man Rufio, and earn yourself membership into the Dark Brotherhood. At the finale of the Dark Brotherhood storyline the Night Mother rewards you by enchanting the Blade of Woe, making it much more powerful. The blade is identical to an ebony dagger. The blade also has the strange ability to strike opponents who are unaffected by normal weapons such as ghosts and wraiths.

Statistics (Normal)

Weight: 0 (Undroppable)
Health: 400
Value: 0
Damage: 7

Statistics (Enchanted)

These are the maximum statistics the Blade of Woe can have, and requires the player to be level 30

Weight: 4
Health: 400
Value: 13511
Uses: 30
Enchantments: Demoralize up to level 10
Damage Willpower 35 pts
Damage Health 35 pts
Damage Magicka 35 pts

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