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Blighttown is a festering pit that players must visit in Dark Souls. It can be found past the Depths after the Gaping Dragon is defeated and drops a door key to venture lower. As it is located at the bottom of a canyon, most of Blighttown is a series of catwalks built along the canyon wall occupied by creatures using poisoned clubs, hammers, and blow darts. Most navigation around the upper levels is done with ladders and rickety bridges. A few paths lead to the bottom where a disease ridden swamp is patrolled by giant bugs, flies and leeches. The swamp also causes poison status as players attempt to cross it.

This area can also be reached through the Valley of Drakes from a locked door in the New Londo Ruins with the Master Key, allowing players to visit it much earlier than normal.

Points of Interest

Two bonfires can be found in Blighttown. One is found up on the catwalks for players visiting from the Depths. The other is at the bottom in a drainpipe near the swamp. The entrance of Quelaag's Domain is closest to the swamp bonfire, marked by a mound of giant hair and spider webs in the distance. The boss fight with Quelaag and the second Bell of Awakening can be found within.

A set of armor that resists the effects of poison can be found after a set of elevators and a makeshift bridge made out of a twisted root.

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