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Concept Art

The Gaping Dragon is a gigantic, hardy boss from Dark Souls found in the sewer-like Depths below Undead Burg. Its lower body resembles a four legged dragon with two pairs of wings, but its bulbous upper body has a pair of arms and is lined with hundreds of teeth that it tries to smash the player character with. Its massive size means it moves slowly, but it has a large amount of health and can crash through pillars with ease.

Fights with this boss can be complicated by a sorcerer hiding out on the top level. If he is not killed beforehand, he will take pot shots at the player throughout the battle.

Defeating the Gaping Dragon will reward players with souls and the key to Blighttown. Cutting off its tail during the fight will make it drop the Dragon King's Great Axe.


The Gaping Dragon's primary attack makes the most of her giant toothy maw. It will try to smash it on the ground to eat up players. If they get too close, it can also grab them to toss into its mouth and chew off health until they escape. Besides its teeth it can charge around the battle arena to knock players around (or kill them outright), swipe with its arms and tail, or body slam a wide area after taking to the air. One nasty attack has it puke up a rolling wave of stomach acid with a large radius. The acid will greatly decrease the player's weapon and armor durability and the only means of dodging is running as far away as possible until it dissipates.

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