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Siege of the Wrathgate

Bolvar at the Wrathgate
Bolvar Fordragon was the Alliance Commander who led the Alliance attacks on the Wrathgate, the rear entrance to Icecrown Citadel, alongside the Horde forces who were led by Horde Commander Dranosh Saurfang. The two forces confronted the Lich King himself who used the power of Frostmourne to kill Dranosh Saurfang, it would most likely have been a similar fate for Bolvar however the Forsaken led by Grand Apothecary Putress attacked the Lich King with scourge gas before Bolvar's fate was decided. Although Bolvar attempted to retreat with his forces he was killed by the gas and his body recovered by the Scourge.

The New Lich King

Bolvar as the Lich King
After his death at the Wrathgate, the scourge recovered his body and was repeatedly tourtured by the Lich King ( Arthas Menethil) however resisting the Lich King's attempts to corrupt him. In the final cutscene of Icecrown Citadel just after the Lich King's death, we see Tirion Fordring trying to take the crown of the Lich King for himself however Bolvar Fordragon's tortured body intervenes his attempts and crowns himself the new Lich King.

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