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The Bomb

What game isn't the bomb in? Heck, it's even HALF the name of this site! HALF!

The bomb is definitely one of the top 3 weapons of all time. Next to the standard grade combat rifle, the bomb has been in nearly all FPS games to date.

Some games let you use bombs to blown open doors, panels, and windows. The most common use is to use bombs to kill your enemies. In Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, you can plant detpack bombs near doors or in hallways to kill your enemies by surprise. In the popular Battlefield franchise, you can pack C4s on to vehicles to kill unsuspecting enemies.

There are three ways you can use car bombs to kill your enemy in Battlefield:

  1. C4 packed car, driven toward big group of enemies then jump out just before detonation.
  2. Same as above, but toward enemy vehicles (takes out tanks well this way).
  3. Through a half blown up building, but jumping out just before the car enters the building, then detonating every enemy inside (can even detonate people on another floor if done right!).

The most common form of bomb seen are grenades (aka nades). Plenty of FPS games let you use nades. But sometimes they can get annoying, especially during "nade spams." To combat the ever growing nade spam problem, some servers (depending on the game) can prevent nades from being used.

Another popular use of The Bomb in FPS games is as an objective. Some game modes have a team try to arm a bomb and another try to prevent that happening. A bomb can also be in the middle of the map and both teams must try to arm the bomb in each others base. The Bomb can also be used as a melee weapon in games such as Halo, this results in a one hit kill.

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