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Bomberman Tournament is an action/role-playing game developed by Hudson Entertainment and published by Activision for the Game Boy Advance.


Bomberman just landed on Phantarion

The 5 Dastardly Bombers (from Super Bomberman 2 and 3) Land on Planet Phantarion. A Large Fortress erects and the land around the fortress began to freeze over. The inhabitants of Phantarion send out a distress call, and Bomberman Max goes off to investigate. Soon enough he has disappeared, and Bomberman himself goes to investigate.


Game Modes

There are two gameplay modes to choose from in Bomberman Tournament.

Quest mode

Quest mode involves a single player story with the standard Bomberman gameplay, with added RPG

elements including Suit upgrades and new items.

Battle mode

Battle Mode is a standard Bomberman Multiplayer that has been featured in the franchise over the years.


Starting a Karabon Battle

In Bomberman Tournament there are small creatures called Karabons that can be collected and battled with, similar to Pokemon. Karabons are a major part of the quest mode.

Karabon battles are pre-determined at the beginning of a match due to the Karabons stats and pre-set attacks.

Some Karabons can be fused into a single Karabon that has 2 attributes.

There are 25 Karabons to collect.


There are four possible elements that a Karabon can possess:

  • Fire, AKA Dragon
  • Water, AKA Fish
  • Electric, AKA Pommy
  • Earth, AKA Beast

These elements are strong or weak to another element. Water beats fire, fire beats earth, earth beats electricity, and electricity beats water.


Each type of Karabon has an attribute which can help it in battle. For example Electric, or Pommy can use teleport to a town that has been previously visited.

Powering Up

While walking around in the world, Bomberman can bomb the various bushes. Inside some of these bushes are panels. These panels are represented by:

  • Sword - Swords are used to upgrade a Karabons attack.
  • Shield - Shields are used to upgrade a Karabons defense.
  • Star - Stars are used to upgrade a Karabons special attack.

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