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 The 5 Dastardly Bombers (from Super Bomberman 2 and 3) Land on Planet Phantarion. Then
a Large Fortress erects and the land around the fortress began to freeze over. The inhabitants of
Phantarion send out a distress call, and Bomberman Max goes off to investigate. Soon enough
he has disappeared, and Bomberman himself goes to investigate. and the story begins.

The 2 modes of Play are Quest and Battle

Quest mode, involves a single player story with the standard Bomberman gameplay, with added RPG
elements including Suit upgrades and new items. Another added element to the game are
creatures called Karabons, who are a major part of the quest mode. Karabons add a Pokemon-like element to the game, as they are used in one-on-one turn based fights, however battles are already determined at the beginning of the match due to the karabons stats and pre-set attacks.
There are 25 Karabons to collect.

Battle mode, is your standard Bomberman Multiplayer that you've come to know over the years.

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