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A perfect example on what a casuel Wii game should be 0

You probably wont enjoy everything Boom Blox has to offer, but its casual gameplay mixed with smart design makes it a perfect excuse to dust off your Wii. What makes a great game is not only the fun factor, but how well the game blends its technology, and gameplay. Boom Blox is a concept of a great game, the gameplay is centered around different types of blocks and the properties it has. Sometimes you have to pull blocks away without losing the top block or you have to knock down certain blocks ...

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Ball throwing goodness 0

At first, I wasn't really sure what to expect from Boom Blox. On one hand, it looked like a clever game based around a simple, easy-to-learn concept. On another hand, it looked like it might try to rope players in with a gimmicky task, thus churning out another casual party game for the Wii. The result, for better or worse, falls somewhere in between. Boom Blox should appeal to all players to some extent, but might not offer quite enough depth to keep everyone coming back for more.Boom Blox's bi...

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Boom Blox, one of the best party offerings on the Wii. 0

When i first came across Boom Blox, my initial thought's were it looked like the usual shovelware that's been dumped upon the Wii non-stop since it launch a year and a half ago. While there are a few alright party style games on Wii, most of them are titles that should never have been given the green light full stop, so i was very surprised when i gave Boom Blox a go, and found it to be one of the most addictive titles on the Wii. Graphically, Boom Blox does it's job, being nothing altogether sp...

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Boom Blox is great multiplayer fun with a horrible soundtrack. 0

Boom Blox is one of the few games on the Wii that truly just feels right in how it uses its motion controls, which are also, unlike many Wii games, fairly central to the mechanics. Boom Blox's main premise is deceptively simple - it's basically throwing balls (usually baseballs, although occasionally bowling balls and even bombs show up) at stacked arrangements of blocks - sorry, 'Blox' - with the aim of knocking as many off as possible in the fewest throws. There are a few other modes as well, ...

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I like Jenga with Bombs 0

If you ever thought that playing Jenga with a Wii-Mote would be fun, then this is the game for you.  And thats only one of the numerous game modes available to you in Boom Blox.  With what I thought was going to be a glorified tech demo (and still kinda is) this is one of the best non Ninetendo releases to come out of the Wii thus far.  Featuring cutesy animals and environments that basically serve as the silly reasons for the various physics simulations, I was constantly enchanted by the games ...

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Boom Blox offers great gameplay for anyone, especially groups. 0

    I don't think anyone really thinks Steven Spielberg made this game, or even had a large role in making this game. It was probably more so that he helped to make the concept, and let the developers put his name on the box to bolster sales. A cheap move, really, putting someone's name on the box when they weren't all that involved. Oh wait, this is actually good. Really good. While some modes are bland, others are fantastic, and almost every game in the package uses the Wii remote well. I can ...

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Boom Blox 0

I’ve never been very good at Jenga. My hands are too big, and they shake a lot. I reach for a piece, and it just topples over. I am pretty good at Boom Blox, though. Boom Blox is a new video game from Electronic Arts and Stephen Spielberg. It’s basically a collection of smaller games where you knock things over, blow things up, and move things around; all while using the Wiimote as your tool. Sometimes you throw a bomb at a bunch of blocks trying to knock gems off of a tower. Sometimes you thro...

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wii keeper 1

Sounds odd, but the fun level of my wii dropped after the nostalgic drip slowly turned off, and I was hoping something would come around that would make me want to keep my wii for at least another few months.I don't care about Smash Bros, Mario Cart, Metroid, whatever.. I don't care if it's for the hardcore crowd (which I am a card carrying member), I just want something incredibly fun, multiplayer, and a little different. I want to be addicted to a game, and itterations of old junk isn't going ...

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Simple premise executed to near perfection 0

Some quick first impression of Boom Blox for the Wii. Since the game was selling for just 9EUR on I couldn't resist to give it a try, its after all one of the tiny few original and good games on the Wii.The gameplay of Boom Blox is pretty much a cross between Jenga and a physics engine sandbox. Each level consists of a structure build out of blocks. Some of those blocks are special and need to be destroyed to finish the level, this can be done by nocking them out of the structure so th...

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Boom Blox Video Review 0

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Don't stand near anything. It WILL be broke after playing this. 0

The Good – Fast paced action of the hack-n-slash variety that’s easy to pick up. God of War like in it’s approach to gameplay, which is a good thing. Fun moves and combos with a leveling system that gets deeper as you go along. Graphics based on Unreal Engine 3, Wolvie himself looks slick, it captures Hugh Jackman perfectly. Wolverine’s healing effect from the X-Men movies are rendered here perfectly, as Wolvie is shot, blown up, etc…you’ll see his insides and adamantium covered bones in all sor...

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