Wii games people apparently like

Where I try to list all the games people tend to like, to help counter the blind hatred some people have for the Wii because the franchise is successful without these folks having given any money to Nintendo. I've not even SEEN a Wiimote in person, much less played a single Wii game (and least when I first started this list), but these are the ones people point out to me, so I'll keep a list to show people it's not a frigging game wasteland on the Nintendo side of the fence.

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Posted by Wood636

I'm throwing in my 2 cents for Excite Truck. Simple and addictive. And it features monster trucks!
Also: Endless Ocean. Relaxing and meditative, it's like the ambient Brian Eno music of video games.

Posted by Hailinel

As a Wii owner, that looks like a pretty solid, if standard recommendation list.  And yeah, the support relationships in Radiant Dawn were simplified, but everything else about the game is made much more complex.  Radiant Dawn subverts most if not all of the standard Fire Emblem tropes to one degree or another, and it's also pretty damn hard, even on the Normal difficulty setting.

Posted by ahoodedfigure
@Hailinel: It's standard because it's safe. :) I'm running off of the big ones that I hear a lot about.  If anyone has any others to recommend, I'm open to that, but most so far just vote here and move on, it seems.
I guess the sequel to the first US release did go down in relative difficulty, but I didn't play it.  I think the first one was sufficiently difficult in the hard mode that I felt like I really had to work to get everything perfect (and usually chose instead to lose a few characters, which is one of the cool features of the games, in my opinion).
The support system was a big feature for us, though, so I don't know how much my SO would like it if it didn't have quite as much character as the first game.  I guess I'll cross that bridge if we ever get a Wii.
Posted by Hailinel
@ahoodedfigure:   What is nice is that even though the support conversations were watered down, the game does retain some of its character in the info conversations between chapters.  They have the flavor of previous games' support conversations.
And honestly, I'm not sure how well the older support conversation method would work in Radiant Dawn.  There are about 70 playable characters in the game.  That would be a lot of possible relationships to keep track of.
Posted by fisk0

No "A Boy and his Blob"? I heard a lot of great things about it, and if I'd ever see it in stores I'd pick it up even though I don't have a Wii. It's got a fucking HUG BUTTON.