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A perfect example on what a casuel Wii game should be

You probably wont enjoy everything Boom Blox has to offer, but its casual gameplay mixed with smart design makes it a perfect excuse to dust off your Wii.

What makes a great game is not only the fun factor, but how well the game blends its technology, and gameplay. Boom Blox is a concept of a great game, the gameplay is centered around different types of blocks and the properties it has. Sometimes you have to pull blocks away without losing the top block or you have to knock down certain blocks with as few throws as possible. Sorta like Jenga, but with certain twists.

What makes Boom Blox great, however, is the implementation of the puzzles using these blocks and various items. Using this simple concept, the game gets really creative with puzzles ranging from hitting a block at the right speed and angle to hit another block to hitting a single explosive block making a chain reaction in hitting others. Also, using other properties (like tennis balls, bombs, and grab tools) add further to the game itself.

Some single player puzzles tend to be too frustrating, due to the camera. Also, some single player scenarios, such as the Tower Defense-esque games, just aren't that much fun. That is all fine however since you get an excellent and easy-to-use editor to fool around with. Creating puzzles and scenarios are fairly simple, but you can go as crazy and complicated as you'd like to. This adds a ton of replay value to a game that could easily stay in your Wii for months at a time.

Boom Blox is a simple game that was made much more compelling by its physics engine and its excellent use of puzzles. Puzzle fans will definitely want to purchase this, but multiplayer fans will also find tons of fun in this unique game. This game is not only family-friendly, but offers a great girlfriend game" experience that's a rarity to find these days. 

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