Giant Bomb please help me finish General Knoxx!!!

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I'm a lvl 67 Siren and have played most of the game through on my own but there are two missions which are impossible to do solo. 

  • You will die- Kill Cramerax this guy kills me in two hits -_-
  • 2nd time killing Knoxx and looting the vault. He has medics the second time and since it takes 1400 smg bullets to get him to half health it's impossible.
I read in the menu you get better loot playing with other people and I think because I went solo my weapons and armour are weak. Anyway I just want to finish these two missions so I can say I finish Borderlands GOTY. 
If anyone is a high lvl player on PS3 and can help me please leave a comment or send me a PM.
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Well, first off, you should get to 69. Anyway, you'll be happy to hear that Crawmerax is apparently the easiest with Lilith. 
I haven't finished Crawmerax, but some things I found helpful (I am Roland BTW, so some of this might be off):

  • Try to keep moving around.
  • Pack a lot of health.
  • Use the other enemies to get second winds.
  • Make sure you aim at the glowing bits, I don't think you do any damage otherwise.
  • Pack weapons with different status effects, as you will need them for the other enemies
  • Respec your character if you need to, some skills are a lot better than others when it comes to Crawmerax
  • Try to level up your proficiencies on the types of weapons you plan to use
  • Using some sort of ammo regeneration class mod will help (or a regenerating weapon) You will need a lot of ammo.
  • Don't worry too much about dying and losing money; deal with it :P

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