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I've written a pretty basic guide for playing Mordecai, and I would eventually like to have a variety of different builds to give people inspiration. If you have a cool build and would be interested in having it included, please post it here along with as much description as you can muster. If you could recreate the build in Gearbox's skill calculator and post a link, that would be doubly awesome. Here's your chance to have your hunter build in lights! Fame! Glory! It can all be yours!
You're also welcome to add it to the guide yourself, but I wanted to post here to try to hit a wider audience. I don't think many of us pay much attention to the guides. I tend not to myself.
UPDATE: Bonus points if you can come up with a clever name for the build.

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Here is my build: The Clint Eastwood
I'm not level 50 yet so I haven't been able to actually try this build yet, but with all the health regeneration, daze effect, item dropping, and multiple hits with bloodwing, it seems to be good for soloing (hence the Clint Eastwood name)
Heck if I know if it's actually really good or not.  I may end up making adjustments as I play.  Already respec'ed my character 3 times and I'm only level 15.

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Bullet Boy
I think I'm gonna call this the Bullet Boy build, obviously it's based around getting your character to do as much damage as possible with your guns, and not bothering to upgrade Bloodwing at all. 
40% Damage, 30% Reload Speed, 40% Fire Rate, 25% Chance for Double Damage and 15% Health over 7 Seconds all awarded for a kill, so that once you get started killing you won't be stopping till you run out of ammo :D. 
Topping all of this off is Trespass, so you don't even need to bother wearing down your enemies shields. Pure Bullety Death :D
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@Galbrezu: Nice :) I may respec at Level 50 and give it a try.  See if I like it better than my Clint Eastwood build.
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Great builds and thank you for taking the time to submit. I have added them to the guide and given each of you credit.
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@raddevon: Thanks! :)  Looks like the guide is coming along well :)

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