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Bosch is Ryu's partner in the Rangers and a close friend of his. Once the game begins, they are separated and Ryu acquires his dragon powers after bonding with Odjn. After this, and falling in with Nina and Lin, he is branded a traitor and becomes Bosch's enemy.

Bosch is able to eventually catch up and overpower Ryu, as a vastly more skilled Ranger, but is in turn overwhelmed by Ryu after the latter discovers the latent powers that come from bonding with a dragon.

Bosch spends the rest of the game obsessed about his inferior's newfound strength and hunts him down relentlessly. This culminates in bonding with (and eventually being replaced by) the dragon Cheytre in order to compete with his old friend and rival.

Bosch is obsessed with power both physical and political, as a highly ranked member of the aristocracy (his dragon ratio is a very respectable 1/64, in comparison to Ryu's 1/8192) that was raised in a harsh, martial environment.

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