Dude, You Look Terrible

A common trope in video games is that of the recurring boss: a persistent menace that won't leave you and yours well enough alone. Some are played off as comic relief, inexplicably hopping back from the many grievous drubbings you keep handing down to them. Others treat their defeats a little more gravely, eventually returning as something less than human in their increasingly desperate attempts to seek vengeance.

The following are a list of enemies you'll fight after they've been through some shit. I've tentatively ranked them by how rough they're looking the last time you face them. Oh yeah, and there's probably spoilers.

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Posted by Little_Socrates

How about Wesker in Resident Evil 5? He gets pretty crazy looking.

Posted by medacris

I kind of hope someday Seymour will make it into Kingdom Hearts. He's not as famous or as horrifying as, say, Sephiroth is, but he's a tenacious SOB, never loses his cool (which is creepy) and is part of a seemingly innocuous church that's actually evil (super creepy).