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Seymour's Mother

A major antagonist and temporary playable character in Final Fantasy X, Seymour is half human and half Guado, and the son of former Maester Jyscal Guado and a human woman in a an attempt to strengthen the relationship between humans and Guado. Because of his heritage, Seymour was seen as abomination by humans and Guado so Jyscal decided to have his wife and son exiled to the Baaj temple. Seymour's mother gave her life to Yunalesca so that she could become a Fayth to Anima, believing that it was the only way that she and Seymour could be accepted by Spira. Seymour was deeply at loss due to his mother's death and returned to the Baaj Temple where he lived alone for three years. Due to his lonely and isolated life, he began to have twisted views on life and death. At the age of eighteen, Seymour's exile was over and he was welcomed back into Guadosalam where he became a priest. Seven years later, Seymour went to Zanarkand to have Anima's statue transported to Baaj Temple so he could revise his plan to become Sin itself and destroy Spira. He started his plan by murdering his father, Jyscal and taking his place as leader of the Guado and a Maester of Yevon so he could rise to power.

Final Fantasy X

Seymour in FFX

However, the player slowly gains insight into the twisted thoughts of Seymour through his actions throughout the game. He summons the aeon Anima at the blitzball match to protect everyone from the fiends, but this is a display of power as he was the one who let the fiends into the stadium originally. Against the teachings of Yevon, he supports the Crusaders in their Machina battle against Sin. He later shows his twisted thoughts, wishing to destroy all of Spira and save everyone from the suffering that Sin brings. He asks Yuna to marry him, but it is unclear what his intentions may be. It appears he is doing it so the people of Spira have something to celebrate, as he knows he will not have a long life with Yuna because she has a sacrifice to make. His devious intentions become clear - he wants to marry her so that their bond as husband and wife will mean him becoming the Final Aeon, thus going with his wish to become the next Sin so he can finally destroy Spira. Yuna does marry him, but only to leave him at the altar after trying to send him to save her friends and obtain the aeon Bahamut.

Seymour is also responsible for the death of his father, Maester Jyscal Guado. He did so out of revenge, for Jyscal betrayed Seymour by banishing him and Seymour's mother to Baaj temple. He also kills most of the Ronso when they try to stop him from reaching Yuna on Mt. Gagazet. He also murdered Maester Wen Kinoc, when he felt that Kinoc was becoming too nosy. He justified it by saying that he was releasing Kinoc of the burden of life. Seymour is eventually absorbed by Sin, after being defeated by Yuna and her guardians for the third time. It is here that he is finally sent to the Farplane, never to return again.

Appearance and Personality

Seymour is a Guado-human halfbreed. He is tall and has blue eyes and light blue hair, with two long pieces of hair that resemble horns that run along his back. He wears robes of a Yevon follower which are dark blue in colour with red trimmings and the veins on his face are pronounced due to his Guado heritage. Because of his cruel and lonely upbringing as a child, Seymour has very negative views of life on Spira. Seymour believes that Spira is a land of death and is trapped in a endless cycle due to Sin returning constantly to plague people. He sees death as a release from sorrow and pain and he wishes to save people from this cycle by killing them. Although he comes across as courteous on the outside, he is really a arrogant and cruel man with sinister motives. He will not hesitate in killing anyone who gets in his way, making out that he has saved them from pain and sorrow of life.


Seymour is a very talented summoner and is able to cast a variety of magic spells, both healing and offensive. His aeon, Anima is of of the strongest Aeons in the entire game and can inflict Pain on her enemies. Seymour's Overdrive, Requiem, is very powerful and can deal non-elemental damage to all enemies in range. Seymour becomes extremely powerful after death, when he is unsent as he can absorb pyreflies from the dead to increase his strength and is capable of changing into stronger forms.



Seymour Boss

Guado Guardians (x2)


HP: 6,000 (Seymour); 2,000 (Guado Guardian); 18,000 (Anima)

First step is eliminating the Guado Guardians. They have Auto-Potion, so to make it easier steal their potions from them then attack. After they're eliminated, Seymour summons Anima. After a few turns, Yuna will be able to summon a new, unnamed aeon. Summon it, and Shiva appears. You can keep her going strong for a while with Ice spells cast on herself to heal. When in Overdrive, her Diamond Dust can do 9,999 damage. Upon finishing Anima off, dismiss Shiva and resume normal party actions.

Now it's just Seymour. Don't summon against him, for he will instantly kill them. He also casts multi-spells, so have White Magic handy. Seymour is succeptible to Poison, so a Bio spell will come in handy. Auron's Magic Break will also help. Just hack away until he eventually falls.

Seymour Natus


Seymour Natus

HP: 36,000 (Seymour); 4,000 (Mortibody)

This battle should be started with some strong attacks on both enemies, but do not target just Seymour only, as he will counter any attack on him (solo) with multi-spells or Flare (instant death). He also is able to petrify you, so be prepared with Softs.

The main point in this battle is to focus on the Mortibody. As it runs out of HP, it will drain more from Seymour, large amounts each time. It may also cast Cura on him, so a Reflect spell on Seymour would take care of that. Keep hitting Mortibody until it drains all of Seymours HP to win the battle.

Seymour Flux


Seymour Flux

HP: 70,000 (Seymour); 4,000 (Mortiorchis)

Start off by buffering your team with Hastega and Protect spells, as Seymour has a powerful attack (Cross Cleave) that does considerable damage to all party members. His main method in this battle is character elimination. He will use Lance of Atrophy to zombify a party member, then Full-Life him the next attack to instantly kill them. You get one turn between these attacks, so a Holy Water might be a good idea.

Mortiorchis will at some point start charging up Total Annihilation, a devastating attack. Be sure to empty its HP so it delays the attack and drains health from Seymour. After surviving a Total Annihilation attack, quickly Mega-Potion and summon Aeons to help finish Seymour off. He will kill them instantly, so they only get one attack. Overdrives are preferred. He will also try casting more strong spells and Flare, so putting up a Shell spell or two would also help greatly.

Seymour Omnis

Seymour Omnis

HP: 80,000

Prior to this battle, you may want to equip armors that will absorb or nullify elemental attacks, as this battle will be chock-full of them. In the battle, he has 4 wheels behind him. They indicate what his element is, and therefore what his weakness is. Be sure to use Scan to confirm. When you get the four orbs in the wheels to be the same color, summon the opposite element aeon or bring in Lulu to Doublecast that element spells. It is then that he will cast Dispel, shortly followed by a powerful Ultima spell. Keep attacking with the high strength characters and proper elements when given the opportunity, and he will fall.

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