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Anima's Fayth

Anima is the result of a physical manifestation of a dream of a fayth. The fayth in this case was Seymour's mother, whose name is unknown. Her name could have possibly been Anima as implied by Yojimbo that aeons' names are the same names as their respective fayth but is is unconfirmed whether this is true or not. Anima is the only fayth that has detailed information about her origin and past which is revealed in the game. Anima was born when Seymour Guado's mother brought him to meet Yunalesca so that she could become a Aeon for Seymour to use to destroy Sin. Seymour's mother sacrificed herself in the Baaj Temple against her son's wishes so that he could become strong enough to face the world.

Final Fantasy X

Seymour summoning Anima

Anima makes her first ever appearance in Final Fantasy X during the Luca blitzball tournament, when Seymour unleashes a horde of fiends into the stadium, for the single purpose of destroying them with Anima and making himself seem like a hero to the people. The second time Anima appears is when Seymour faces Yuna and her guardians in the Macalania temple. Here, Seymour summons Anima after taking a significant amount of damage. Anima can be obtained by reaching Baaj Temple, after defeating Geosgeano and solving all of the destruction sphere puzzles, during the fayth trials.

Final Fantasy X-2

Anima in FFX-2

Anima's fayth attempts to stop Shuyin's plan to destroy Spira but like all of the other Aeons, she becomes possesed by his hatred. Anima is the final aeon that Yuna and the Gullwings face while on their way to the Farplane.

Appearance and Abilities

Anime using her Overdrive, Oblivion

Anima is known as "The Dark Aeon" and has a marine-like appearance. Despite all this, Anima is a non-elemental, meaning there are no elemental strengths or weaknesses attributed to her attacks. However, her attacks are capable of dealing a lot of damage, especially her special attack 'Pain' which is a instant kill. Pain is actually more effective than her Overdrive 'Oblivion' against strong enemies like Dark Aeons. Anima is one of the strongest aeons in the game as Oblivion deals nearly 99,999 damage.

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