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Shuyin and Lenne during their final moments.

Shuyin’s story begins one thousand years before Yuna and Tidus. He was the lover of the songstress, Lenne who was also a talented summoner much like Yuna. They both lived in Zanarkand during the time where their city was at war with Bevelle. Zanarkand brought all summoners to the front lines, including Lenne who was also a summoner at the time. Shuyin sought out to save Lenne and he come to the conclusion that the only way to save her was to activate Vegnagun, an enormous machine hidden in Bevelle. Shuyin managed to sneak into the heavily guarded chamber, but he was captured and locked into a cage by Bevelle soldiers. He managed to escape and came across Vegnagun again. He realized that the only way to activate Vegnagun was to operate an organ-like instrument on its head. Shuyin managed to activate the machine using the organ and just as he did this, Lenne appeared to stop him. The two were reunited, but Bevelle soldiers fired their rifles upon them and they fell to the floor. Before dying, Lenne told Shuyin she loved him but he never heard her words.

Before Final Fantasy X-2

The Den of Woe

Before the events of Final Fantasy X-2, it is revealed that Shuyin's spirit never dissolved into the Farplane due to all of the hatred and desire for vengeance that filled him. He instead became a wandering spirit that lived on for one thousand years within a cavern called the Den of Woe, where his body was buried when he died. Due to all of the pyreflies that lingered in the cavern, Shuyin was haunted by the memories of Lenne than replayed in his mind constanly. When the Crimson Squad recruits were sent to the Den for their final mission, Shuyin’s eternal despair drove them mad and they killed each other. Among the recruits were Baralai, Nooj, Gippal and Paine. They managed to survive however, and Shuyin was able to weaken Nooj and take over his body. The surviving Crimson Squad members escaped the cave and took refuge in the Mi’hen Highroad. As they departed and went their separate ways, Shuyin took over Nooj’s body and shot his friends in the back. Shuyin used Nooj’s eyes and ears to witness Spira and saw the endless violence and Yevon’s corruption and realized that Spira had not changed and resolved to fix it.

Final Fantasy X-2

Shuyin possessing Baralai

Yuna begins a new journey after being given a sphere by Kimahri showing Shuyin in a cage in Bevelle. He bears a strong resemblance to Tidus, Yuna’s lost love which sets her off on a career as a sphere hunter to find him. While on her journey, Yuna finds a songstress dressphere that contains Lenne’s spirit and memories. Yuna begins to feel all the emotions and feelings that Lenne had while she was alive even having dreams of herself and Tidus dying the same way Lenne and Shuyin did. Shuyin still possesses Nooj’s body for two years after the Den of Woe.He manipulates him to go to Bevelle and steal Vegnagun and he manages to awaken the machine using Nooj’s hatred and it fled to the Farplane. Nooj later meets Baralai and Gippal in the underground of Bevelle to figure out where Vegnagun disappeared. Shuyin leaves Nooj’s body and take control of Baralai who still shares anger towards Nooj for shooting him and Gippal. Baralai, who is now controlled by Shuyin, flees to the Farplane to find and activate Vegnagun.

Shuyin and Yuna in the Farplane

Shuyin takes control of the aeons and fiends begin to pour out of the temples Chambers of Fayth. Yuna and the Gullwings help cleanse the temples of the fiends but during a battle with the aeon Ixion, Yuna is knocked into a hole in Djose Temple. When she reaches the bottom, Yuna realizes that she is in the Farplane Glen. While there, she comes across Shuyin who mistakes her for Lenne due to her donning the Songrstress dressphere. He tells Yuna about his plans to use the cannon on Vegnagun to destroy Spira and end humanity. He then steps through a portal that leads him to Vegnagun. Gippal and Nooj find Yuna nad pass through the portal to stop Shuyin and save Baralai, leaving Yuna behind.

Shuyin and Lenne reunited at last.

Yuna and the Gullwings later encounter Shuyin’s spirit imprinted in the pyreflies in the Den of Woe. While there, Shuyin’s despair takes over Rikku and Paine who then attack Yuna, forcing her to relaiate to save them. The pyrefiles show Yuna Shuyin’s memories of his past with Vegnagun and how Lenne died. Yuna aims her gun at Shuyin but he tells her that this is their story and he calls her Lenne. After teh gullwings come back to their senses, they realize that Shuyin has regrest for his feelings as they have begun acting on their own. He reveals that he has been using Nooj, Gippal and Baralai and he summons illusions of them for the Gullings to fight.

Yuna, Rikku and Paine as well as the LeBlanc Sydicate decide to follow Gippal and Nooj into the Farplanes to help aid them in stopping Shuyin. After Yuna and the Gullwings defeat Vegnagun, Shuyin comes to the conclusion that Yuna is not Lenne and he attacks them in a rage. After the fight, Lenne’s spirit steps out of the songstress dressphere that Yuna is using and manages to calm Shuyin down. The two of the fade away together and depart to the Farplane where they can rest together in peace.

Personality and Appearance

Shuyin has shoulder-length blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a jacket with a yellow back and a green front as well as a blue armlet and red and black checked sleeves. On his left hand, he wears a black glove and a red elbow-long sleeve as well as black shorts and yellow boots. Shuyin is unsent and his only motive is to bring revenge down upon the people responsible for killing him and Lenne one thousand years ago.


Because he is unsent, Shuyin is capable of controlling any physical body he wishes while manipulating their movement to make it seem like there is nothing wrong with the person infected. His emotions are so strong that they have a will of their own, making them capable of making people insane and causing them to turn on anyone in their sight. While in battle, Shuyin uses Tidus's Swordplay Overdrives as well as his own unique abilities called Terror of Zanarkand which is very similar to Tidus's move, Bltiz Ace.

Other Information

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