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Nooj in FFX-2

Nooj is a former member of the Crusaders and the meyvn of the Youth League. He is known as Deathseeker because he joined up with the Crimson Squad to seek a warrior’s death. Prior to joining the squad, Nooj’s left arm and leg were destroyed in a battle with Sin and are replaced by machina prosthetics. He is LeBlanc’s romantic interest although it is unrevealed whether he has the same interest in her or not. Around the time that Operation Mi’ihen was taking place, Nooj, Gippal, Baralai and Paine entered the Den of Woe to complete their final mission to become members of the Crimson Squad. When they were in the cave, Shuyin possessed Nooj’s body, using his eagerness to die to manipulate him. After the team escape Yevon and decide to go their separate ways, Shuyin makes Nooj shoot his friends in the back, but they manage to survive. Nooj decides to dedicate his life in finding the hidden secrets of Yevon after seeing Vegnagun in the Den, although he is oblivious to Shuyin within his body.

Final Fantasy X-2

Two years later, the Gullwings encounter Nooj in Kilika, where he and the Youth League are demanding that a sphere that is being kept on the island be released into the public eye. The Gullwings are unable to meet Nooj face to face due to the chaos but later meet him outside the sealed Den of Woe, where he gives Paine a Crimson Sphere. If the player decided to side with the Youth League, Nooj gives the Gullwings a warm welcome and discusses what is held within the sphere. The sphere contains information on Vegnagun, a machine that Shuyin has been manipulating Nooj to find without him realizing.

Nooj in the Farplane

With the help of LeBlanc, Nooj finds out that Vegnagun is being held underneath Bevelle in an underground passage. Nooj finds it, but the machine flees to the Farplane as Nooj’s hatred scares it off. While there, he meets up with Baralai and Gippal to talk about Vegnagun, but due to Nooj betraying then two years, ago Baralai becomes angry and threatens to kill Nooj. This also angers Gippal and in frustsation, he threatens Baralai. With the stream of negative emotions, Shuyin is fully awakened and he takes over Baralai’s body and escapes to the Farplane. They meet Yuna in the Farplane after she falls down a hole and Nooj and Gippal hand over spheres for Paine. Nooj meets the Gullwings again at the Farplane when Shuyin takes control of Vegnagun. He makes up a plan to shoot Baralai so that Shuyin could take over Nooj again and then kill himself. Yuan disagrees with Nooj’s plan and in the end they work together to defeat VEgnagun. At the end, Nooj, Baralai and Gippal bury their differences and start anew.

Appearance and Personality

Nooj wears red clothing, with purple gloves and boots as well as a red shoulder pad on his left arm. His left arm and leg are machina prosthetics. Nooj has long brown hair, which is up in a twisted ponytail with a bang over his right eye and has green coloured eyes. He has a metal stick and he wears specticals over his eyes. Nooj is a very serious person and is only focus on his mission and is even willing to die to complete it.



Nooj wields a special gun that enables his to use special ablities in battle. When the player fights him in the Den of Woe, he inflicts special abilities like Greedy Aura and a super attack called Lightfall which is extremely powerful.

Other Information

  • Nooj is voiced by George Newbern in English and Nobutoshi Cannain In Japanese. Nooj's English voice act also voices Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII.

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