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Brain Age 2 is Back and Is still the same Brain Age.

Brain age 2 is here to train your brain with more brain teaser mini games. This time around it's sightly better, but by just a little bit. Brain age 2 is a sequel to a Edutainment game called brain age, which was popular among adults, and even some teenagers. In the sequel the only two things that have changed basically is the sudoku puzzles and the quantity of mini games. So if you did'nt like the first game at all then stop reading and turn back. If not keep on reading to get the scoop.

Brain age is made by a man who studies the brain in a Japanese university. This game does'nt offer a storyline nor plot but purpose. the purpose was to design a software to train the brain. His fact is the brain is like a muscle you need to train it like a arm, but with mental activities. Use this software to keep your brain in good shape to make life easier and be in better shape mentally. Brain age 2 mainly is appealing to teenagers who want some extra help before tests, quiz's, or who to play brain teaser mini games. It also appeals to adults who need improvement with their speech impediments, brain farts, or who have brains in bad shape. This does not appeal to kids at all.

Brain age 2 works in the same way the original brain age did. You play mini games that involve you to write signs to complete simple math problems using the ds touch screen. there are also scrambled words rotating and you must unscramble them and write the word. There are 11 mini games that increase the quantity of mini games. Your overall goal is to answer a certain number of problems as fast as you can, or get all 5 levels correct. When you finish you get a speed from walking to rocket speed depending on how fast/ well you did. You can also do local multiplayer with up to 16 people which really improves it, but you can't do online multiplayer. You can also do three difficulties in sudoku, which has new fresh sudoku problems. There are also some mini games with two choices, hard or normal. Every now and then you get warm ups when you open your account like connect the dots to provide a image you see then name it and compare it to what it really is supposed to look like. You can do brain age tests like number memory or tests the exact same as some mini games to get a brain age. The best score you can get is 20 years old.

The game is mostly in 2D, except the doctor's head. So the graphics are not in HD like ps3 games are. The game itself does'nt have any problems except the hand writing and speaking is still shaky, but no bugs which really takes some stress out which the shaky part puts back in. the doctor does not speak but does the words into a bubble thing. You do not get any music when playing sudoku or minigames only at the menus and even then the music is alright nothing exciting. So brain age 2 is a failure at making great graphics and has gentle decent music. It's music in the piano game is the better music because it lets you play some good old classic music on your ds piano.

We all form our own perspective on a game it could be good' or it could be bad. But in order to form a perspective we need to know about the game. I found out about the game through a commercial. After that i looked at screen shots to found out about what the mini games are gonna be and through the trailers to found out more about it. So the question is here should i invest money into it? I say yes because it's only $20 which is really cheap and even though the graphics suck and music is kinda decent I think It's solid fun you can enjoy for a good amount of time. I had fun playing it myself so it's recommened by me because I have fun playing with 16 other people and having a healthy brain while playing simple math or vocabulary. It's even fun to unlock games and unlocking more songs to play in the piano mini game to enjoy listening to while hitting the notes right. I think this has some good value and is worth your $20.


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