Is the Gears 3 Beta on the Disc or is it a Code?

#1 Posted by Everyones_A_Critic (6498 posts) -

The reason I ask is because I may be able to get the game used for about $20 less.

#2 Posted by imsh_pl (3575 posts) -

Don't know, but I'd guess that they wouldn't want multiple people playing the beta off of one copy. So it's propably a code.
Also, double post. Herrp.

#3 Posted by JCGamer (762 posts) -

I think that the beta requires the disk to be in the 360 to work.

#4 Posted by buft (3409 posts) -

 @Everyones_A_Critic: its activated by the code but you also need the disk since the beta is a menu option once you redeem the code

#5 Posted by MechaDestroyer (47 posts) -

Yeah, you get access via the code that EA packs with every new copy.  Once you redeem it, the Gears 3 beta option appears on the main menu (not selectable right now, obviously) so you will need your Bulletstorm disc once the beta is released.

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