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 Bulletstorm is the new first-person shooter developed by People Can Fly, the studio that gave you Painkiller. This game was told to be a break from serious shooters such as the Call of Duty and the Halo series.

The game is pretty fun. Shooting people in their buttholes is pretty satisfying, but the game is very repetitive. You have to do the same things over and over again. Shoot this dude, leash this things down, kick down this door etc. On the bright side, the skillshot system is a really good concept. Shooting people in creative ways and earning points for it is really satisfying. This is the game telling you how talented you are. The kick is also a good thing, but kicking people into a giant cactus gets pretty boring after the 25th time. The leash is another good thing. It lets you pull baddies towards you so you can blast their nuts off. The repetitiveness is the reason I gave this game an 8. You always have to do the same thing over and over again. The frantic pace always keeps you on your toes.

The sound effects are pretty good. It's really satisfying to hear an enemy yelling out in pain after you shoot their nuts. The best thing I liked in the sound area are the roars of the Hekatons, giant Godzilla sized monsters, and the burnouts, fully mutated humans.
The roars gave me the heebie-jeebies. The music really sets the mood with an orchestra during emotional moments, and bada$$ heavy metal during action. The voice-acting is great! The dialogue is funny as hell, but there are some emotional words as well.

The graphics are a definite plus point. They're very, very good! Character models look okay, but I did experience some graphical glitches such as glass not breaking, but you can walk through it. Overall the graphics are great!

The story is great! You're a alcoholic space pirate named Grayson Hunt. You went rogue against a general who used you to kill hundreds of innocents for his personal gain. Realising this, Grayson and his team, which also contains his only friend Ishi Sato, go rogue and start making the general's life miserable. During a drunken state, you foolishly attack the general's ship and crash land in a good planet turned bad called Stygia. Though trailers show as if the game as a goofy story, it really isn't. The story has some emotional moments. But that doesn't mean it's totally serious. The dialogue is very funny, that'll make you chuckle.

I finished the game in about 8 hours. What's with the short games these days? The game is pretty fun and you should surely give it a go. Rent it or get it at a lower price.

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