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Nice Change for FPS Shooter, But Doesn't Hold Long

Bulletstorm is a fun romp through a destroyed world with a couple of guys who apparently are still twelve years old in their language development cycle. The game takes place on a beautiful alien world after our heroes crash onto it. The game is nothing short of gorgeous to look at with its super saturated colors. You will find yourself traversing through deserts, forest,s busted buildings, electrical fields, etc. The environments are straight up fun as well as they should be with the style of gameplay here.

Now Bulletstorm is a first person shooter and in many respects only a decent one. The shooting mechanic is solid enough, but you can definitely see the remnants of Gears of War and Epic Games here. Enemies tend to be bullet sponges and the funds for the most part of a very "Ca-Chunk", mechanical feel to them. As I said before the environments are important here because the point of the game is not to just head shot your opponent. No, instead you are supposed to mangle, mutilate and dismember them in the most creative way you can with the environment. This is probably the best and worst part of this game. While the mechanic works flawlessly and is fun, it does grow rather tiresome after a few hours. Most of the skillshots you can achieve in the first half of the game and the remaining few I found incredibly difficult to unlock. The enemies are pretty much the same the whole way through with not a lot of variation. They either run at your screaming or sit back and hunker down in cover. They aren't intelligent and they don't offer a huge challenge. They are essentially just meat for your to toy with, which after a few hours gets boring.

I was also slightly put off by the language in the game. I never made it through Gears of War because I found the entire thing too juvenile. If the shooting was not as solid as it was here, I would have done the same. The characters are soo over the top they are beyond comical. The main enemy in this game is such a jerk, throwing off language left and right that I literally cringed whenever i had to listen to him talk.

Overall it is a fun game with a mechanic that goes a bit too long. I beat the game in about six hours and the fun faded after about four.

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