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The game started out being developed by Sega of Japan in 1994 as Force Striker. However, the game was never finished and shelved indefinitely despite nearing completion (only the final boss and ending were missing). Two unfinished copies of the game surfaced on from someone who supposedly received them from a former Sega of Japan employee. A collector allegedly paid $1500 for both discs and then sold the discs to Good Deal Games for an undisclosed amount in September 2005. Good Deal Games went on to finish the game with the help of J2 Games and it was finally released in 2006, retailing for $30.


The stage select mistake
  • In the stage select screen, the Hong Kong stage shows the flag of the United Kingdom.
  • The game is filled with typos and engrish (Ex: "100% Sega Tasted" and "What A Lucha's Spectacular Feal")
  • The "Denmark" stage, when selected, will actually present a level that clearly indicates itself as Seattle.

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