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Bub. He's the green one.
Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D (also known as Bust-A-Move Universe in the US, Puzzle Bobble Universe in European regions) is a puzzle game from the Puzzle Bobble series for the Nintendo 3DS. After coming across an unmanned spaceship and a cry of help, Bob and Bub discover several planetary doors unleashing a battalion of bubbles, quickly turning into threatening space debris. Shortly after Bob is captured by the mysterious Boss, with Bub rushing to save his friend and the universe. Naturally.
The game was a 3DS launch title in Japan and North America but not for the European release of the console, releasing around 3 weeks after the launch. First official footage of the game came from the Nintendo World event held in Tokyo in January 2011, the same event that the 3DS was first playable for the public. The game reportedly makes decent, but not game-altering use of the autostereoscopic technology inside the 3DS, helped in part by the 2D nature of the game itself.


 *2D images of a 3D product
Tobidasu! Puzzle Bobble 3D plays similarly to previous games in the Puzzle Bobble series, having the player launch coloured or special 'gimmick' balls at a similar descending wall of balls attempting to match colours in order the clear the area before the time limit expires.
The game comprises of two main modes of play, a Challenge Mode (a thin veil for the game's score attack modes) that features 100-second, 300-second and unlimited challenges. Also included is a story mode, with the two lead characters trekking the galaxy, 8 worlds with 10 levels as well as a boss level at the end of each world.
A trophy system is also featured, containing 60 awards for completing such tasks as bursting certain collections of bubbles or playing for a certain amount of time. Strangely absent from the package is any form of multiplayer, online or otherwise, which as many other outlets noted is included in previous (and considerably cheaper) versions of the game.

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