warped655's Call of Duty 2 (PC) review

A excellent WW2 shooter. Probably the best one.


   About 6 months ago, I had never played a WW2 shooter other then in passing. And then I played CoD4. Seeing that I absolutely loved the game and almost everything about it. I figured I’d give the older one ago. Then looking up information on the series, I found that a lot of the people on the Call of Duty team made some of the earlier Medal of Honor games.

   So, based on that I started from the beginning, Medal of Honor, then skipping MoH: Underground, I played MoH: Allied assault. At some point after Allied assault, the team left to form Infinity Ward. Giving the MoH team the benefit of the doubt I tried MoH:Pacific assault, it was awful so I just jumped right to CoD 1 and its expansion. They were amazingly good.
   Now, after all this, I played CoD2, and it was good.


-beautiful and detailed graphics.

-Excellent gameplay and design.

-An arsenal of realistic and powerful WW2 weapons.


-Somewhat annoying forced checkpoint system.

-Sprinting ability from past CoD games missing.

Graphics – technical: 9.5/10

The graphics definitely do not disappoint.

Sound - artistic/music: 8/10

The music pops in a key moments evoking emotions effectively and making it feel like a movie like experience.

Sound - quality/authenticity: 9.5/10

Weapons and explosions sound powerful and satisfying. Voice acting is exceptional as well.

Gameplay/mechanics/controls: 10/10

It carries over a lot of the same gameplay from the original and its expansion. And as I have played CoD4, I can see this game as a place of evolution for the CoD series.

Atmosphere/Presentation: 10/10

The whole time you feel like you are part of a larger more catastrophic event the surrounds you at all times, throughout the game.

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