spidy333's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC) review

We are goinh hard and We are going deep

 Frankly, I was simply nailed by this game. this one is one instant classic which is great blasting fun with an immersive story.
The game makes you believe that you are really in war with lot of enemies and different types of attacks. When your team goes for ambushing enemies, they wont kill all of them and they wont die either. You didnt feel that you are the one who is killing all of the enemies, COD4 strikes perfect balance between AI and fun.
Sure this is one hell of blasting fun even if it lasts for very short time indeed 5 hrs....I played the game in straight hours and i didnt felt any repetitiveness or boring things...
the game is completely packed with the things that you wont and cant find in other first person shooter games...
Also the game has got pretty amount of humor in it.....

--->A discussion between Gunner and TV operator in the mission Death From Above sounds like this.....
"Follow the curved road"
"define the curved road"
"its the one with the curve on it"
"is it the one with the curve on it?"
"yeah the one with the curve"
"see the water tower"
"which water tower?"
"the water tower by the curved road"
"the water tower by the curved road?"
"yeah that water tower"
"follwing the curved road ..."

--->Another Sample from Penultimate mission where our guys hav to open a door to prevent some disastrous thing from happening in a time limit....
Captain Price: Cant you open that door any faster??
Gaz: You can also lay hands on if it makes you feel any better sir!!

COD isnt just a game...its an experience which is worth it and shouldnt be missed by anyone...
After completion wait until the credits...you will have a surprise....


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